Crowds pack Ellington Park as May fair returns after two years

Ellington Park Photo Swift Aerial Photography

Thousands of people enjoyed the  Ellington May Fair yesterday (May 15) after a two year break for the event.

Families packed out the park to enjoy live music, stalls, including Thanet crafters and makers, Kentish food and drink, live music and train rides from the Ramsgate and District Model Engineering Club.

Photo Wilfred Jenkins

Entertainment came from Bloco Fogo, Thanet Concert Band, Kellet Gut Shantymen and Argyle.

Photo Lucy’s Pictures

Stalls included Youngs Nurseries, St Peter’s Sausage Co, Board At Home, The Dogg Shop, Heaven and Hell, Zanes Magic Shop, Organic Village Market, BJ’s Pizza, MKR Trading, Victorian pine and oak crafted cheeseboards and doorstops and charity stalls.

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Visitors praised the organisers for a fabulous, well run event. Volunteers went the extra mile by getting out the litter pickers today to make sure the area was thoroughly  clean.

Photo Swift Aerial Photography

The popular event was put on hold in 2020 due to works to build the new cafe, restore the terrace, install the new playground, bandstand renovations and landscaping.

Last year the event was put off due to the continuing covid situation.

Organiser Fiona Sperring said: “I would just like to thank everyone who attended for making it such a fun filled day. We have terrific support from the traders, and our own community at Elli Park. The feedback has been positively amazing, and personally I’m still overwhelmed by it all! To one and all, including the volunteers , a massive thank you.”


  1. It was a fantastic occasion. The park looked fabulous with its trees in blossom. Masses of people strolling around, enjoying a bite of food or picking up a bargin. Live music at the bandstand.
    It was great to see so many people, young, old, families all having a good time.
    Just a shame that the beer tent had no beer!
    Otherwise *****

  2. I didn’t go buy I can imagine it was awful these events are always overpriced on All stalls people making out they are enjoying themselves but thinking ‘ look at the price of that !’ … overpriced , fake , captive audience money making machines .. if the lockdown did one thing it stopped events like this ….

    • Dear Mr Miserable Frank, You couldn’t be further from the truth . Young Wilfred featured in this story picked up 3 books for a £1 and was really happy when he discovered the Sooty book he bought was a vintage first print from the 60’s
      As you can see he also had a caricature drawn of him which made him happy , so next time instead of sitting in judgement on something you didn’t attend ,keep your negative thoughts to yourself or otherwise take a leap,of faith and take yourself off to the next event
      You never know , you might enjoy yourself ! Lol

      • Rockstar I don’t judge .. I’m just being Frank ;-).. I did not read in the article on my phone young Wilfred got a bargin sooty book …I’m pleased 1 person got a bargain out-of the thousands of people in attendance.. but as all media report.. always the exception never the rule ..

    • Frank if you didn’t go then your comments are worthless. It was a great day out for all the family whether buying anything or not. Your choice whether you buy. Great outdoor entertainment put on by fabulous hardworking volunteers. I do hope they are not put off by miserable grouchy folk.

    • Frank, are you just a miserable git or do you have to work at, I’ve not seen a positive comment from you !!!!

      • I think Frank is “ Realist “ in disguise . Btw Nik ….. When are you reforming Haircut 100 ? Lol
        That would be a “ Fantastic day “ . Lol

    • What a fun sponge you are Frank. Nobody was forced to go, or buy anything, but they did through choice. Like it was your choice to stay away, which is probably a good thing for everyone!

    • I help to fund the RNLI ,am not what you say I am except I am a do gooder. And PROUD of it !!!! ,

  3. Why is there always ONE miserable ***** to complain, probabaly about anything. get a life. ( Oh and I did a spelling mistake just to give you something else to moan about) Oh and I am also probably older than you, and love all the events as I born before the queen was crowned. Life is to be enjoyed, hope you have one soon.

    • Reb parking is not an issue if you walk or take public transport.. think of the environment please

    • Ellington Park is not more than 15 minutes walk from just about anywhere in Ramsgate. And for those travelling from further away, the frequent Loop bus runs along Grange Road at the top of Ellington Park.

  4. I went to the event (walked) and had a great time.
    Met neighbours and acquaintances, enjoyed some music and a cider, bought some books (50p each), strolled around enjoying people enjoying themselves.
    Walked home afterwards.

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