Royal Harbour Academy students meet toads, spiders, centipedes and more

Jaws and Claws event at Royal Harbour Academy

Students at Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour Academy have been meeting creatures up close with the Jaws and Claws roadshow.

Phil from ‘Jaws and Claws’ returned to the school with his collection of small animals for the first time since the covid pandemic started in 2020.

Students were not disappointed, his collection contained cockroaches, centipedes, Kane toads, two very large tortoises, a tenrec and many more. Youngsters were able to hold animals whilst Phil talked to them about the welfare of the animals, their habitats and how we can help protect the environment and support their eco systems. This tied in with topics all the students have been studying in philosophy and ethics on ‘Animal Rights’.

The highlight for some was when Phil carefully held his tarantula; students were unable to hold this spider, which is from the arachnid family, for safety reasons. Judging by the reaction of most of the students, this suited them fine as most immediately lifted their legs on to their chairs.

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Everyone had a great day; students were able to see a variety of different animals and Phil regaled them with his many stories and knowledge of all his animals, most of whom were rescue animals from various places.