Thanet receives 7 Blue Flag and 3 Seaside Awards for isle beaches

Stone Bay has a Blue Flag

Thanet has received seven blue flags and three seaside awards from Keep Britain Tidy.

The Blue Flag and Seaside Awards are aimed at improving the quality of England’s coastline and promoting England’s best beaches. Blue Flag is an international award managed by Keep Britain Tidy on behalf of the Foundation for Environmental Education.

Thanet’s Blue Flag beaches

West Bay Photo Frank Leppard

Botany Bay

Joss Bay

Minnis Bay

West Bay

St Mildred’s Bay

Margate Main Sands

Stone Bay

Thanet’s Seaside Awards

Ramsgate sands Photo TDC

Ramsgate Main Sands

Westbrook Bay

Viking Bay, Broadstairs

The isle has gained two Blue Flags compared to last year’s tally with  Botany Bay and Joss Bay regaining their Blue Flag status once more.

Cllr Reece Pugh, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic Development at Thanet District Council said: “We’re thrilled to once again receive so many awards for our beautiful beaches. This is especially true this year as two more of our beaches, Joss Bay and Botany Bay, have been awarded the prestigious International Blue Flag by environmental charity, Keep Britain Tidy.

“The district received every award that we applied for and we should be very proud of our seven International Blue Flags and three Seaside Awards. In 2021, we were awarded five Blue Flags and five Seaside Awards.

Botany Bay Photo Sarah Humphrey

“These internationally recognised awards can only be achieved with the continued dedication and hard work of council officers, partners, businesses, volunteers and residents, who all play a role in helping to keep our beaches as clean and enjoyable as possible.

“Work takes place all year round to maintain our 19 miles of coastline to the high standards that our residents and visitors have come to expect. We are proud that wherever you visit on Thanet’s coastline you can find an award-winning beach that is well managed, clean and safe.”

Keep Britain Tidy’s Chief Executive, Allison Ogden-Newton OBE said: “The success of these beaches in reaching the very high standards demanded is testament to all those who have worked so hard to protect and improve our blue spaces – from beach managers and volunteers to local residents and businesses. The huge commitment needed to maintain marvellous beaches worthy of these awards cannot be underestimated.

“People who visit a beach flying a Blue Flag or Seaside Award can be assured the beach will be clean, safe and meet the highest environmental standards, as well as international bathing water quality standards.”


To be awarded a Blue Flag, beaches must comply with a number of criteria covering environmental education and information, excellent water quality, environmental management, safety and services. For a Seaside Award beaches must achieve the highest standards of management and, in the case of bathing beaches, meet the required standards for water quality.

Bathing Water Quality Legislation

Every year, from May to September, the Environment Agency monitors the water quality of more than 400 beaches throughout the UK.

These beaches, known as ‘designated bathing water’ are those used by a large number of bathers and are required to meet strict European guidelines on water quality.

There are 13 designated bathing waters in the Thanet district.

The way bathing water quality is measured changed in 2015 with the implementation of more stringent new standards.

The Environment Agency now uses four years’ worth of data to assess water quality and classify it as either ‘Excellent’, ‘Good’, ‘Sufficient’ or ‘Poor’.

This change is the result of a revision to the EU Bathing Water Directive and means that achieving the new water quality standards are almost twice as tough as before.



  1. I had started wondering about all these “Blue Flag” awards , especially after all the sewage discharges and the revelations that they had been dumping sewage for years.I used to be quite impressed by our praiseworthy coast.
    But, now we know the truth, how can we gloat about our clean beaches when we are also being advised , from time to time, not to go in the water?!
    Is this a case of “marking our own homework” by awarding ourselves lots of medals and other accolades, while making sure nobody else is really checking?

  2. Hopefully S ewage W ater dont allow our beaches to be ruined, ever again.

    Yes the beaches around my area are looking good and ready for the summer season, partly thanks to all the volunteers that have cleaned the area’s.
    Yes expecting to see load’s of rubbish left on the beaches and surrounding areas, it happens in many other areas around or lovely country.
    Here in tdc It does get cleaned up rather quick, ready for the next days visitors to deposit all their rubbish everywhere.

    Great ! summer is here

  3. You can have as many blue flags as you want it’s the people who go to the beaches that ruin it ! Litter , drugs , drunks , fights ,sex all happen on these blue flag beaches the ONLY WAY to stop this is 2 things either ban everyone from the beach (close to the public) or get the Royal Marines to police them from the sea .. maybe a frigit with a few troup landers .. please protect us from the unwashed drugged up drunk violence that the beach visitors bring.. help help ! NOW

    • Calm down! Calm down! I don’t fancy the violence much but the sex and drugs sound OK. Can you be more precise about the location?
      Best not to call for Marines. They are bound to want to join in and then there will be less sex and drugs for the rest of us. They would probably add the violence and spoil it all.

      • It’s no laughing matter ! … CLOSE all the beaches to the public that will stop all the nastiness…

  4. How can they be the best beaches? Understand it’s about water quality ect., But to invite people to our coastline you should also provide clean up to date public conveniences which we do not anywhere in THANET…please address this long time issue Councillor Pufg!!!!

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