Ramsgate’s Raushan Ara re-elected to serve fourth term as town mayor

Mayor Raushan Ara with husband Rezaur and ‘retired’ town sergeant Mac Wilkinson

Ramsgate’s Raushan Ara has been elected to serve as town mayor for a fourth year.

The mum-of-two , who  owns the Ramsgate Tandoori, is a Labour councillor who devotes much of her time to charity causes and activities in town and has supported organisations including Ramsgate RNLI. Thanet Winter Shelter and Ramsgate Salvation Army.

She was first elected mayor in 2019, becoming Ramsgate’s first Asian mayor when she took over the role from four-times mayor Trevor Shonk.

She becomes one of just five mayors since 1938 to serve four or more terms.

She was re-elected at the Annual Town Council Meeting last night (May 4)., Councillor Pat Moore was re-elected as the Deputy Mayor.

Cllr Ara said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to Ramsgate Town Council, and my colleagues, for re-electing me as the mayor of Ramsgate. I will continue to be an ambassador for the town in every way possible – locally, nationally, and internationally.”

At the meeting Cllr  Steve Albon was elected Chair of Ramsgate Town Council and Cllr David Green was elected Vice-Chair.


    • Blue would have been a better colour would it?

      What do you think a “blue” would have done better?

      IMHO Party politics at this level is a absolute nonsense.
      Parties are so intent on just never giving credit and arguing they cripple British politics at all levels and people like you are more interested in the colour they are attached to than the person and what they do.

      I judge people on their actions and personalities.

      It’s a novel approach to politics I know.

  1. A fantastic result.
    Raushan quietly gets on with doing useful stuff for the disadvantaged people of Ramsgate.

    • certainly does things for the disadvantaged, a great help but quietly, are you kidding?

  2. Why can’t you lot just celebrate than always judging others.. I never seen any of say one kind word just constant hate attacks. Kathy I am shocked you allow haters of any kind to pass comment. If this was Facebook most of you lot be kicked off and in jail.

    Well done Raushan. You are an asset to Ramsgate

  3. That’s great but ramsgate no residents had to vote last night normally am in the area of West cliff last time I voted it will at the Pagnell bay hotel and the time before that it was Christ church primary of London Road/ St Mildred’s road

  4. Great news, she is a rare commodity in Britain, an honest hard working local politician, mother, business woman, and ambassador for Ramsgate. A genuine shining light, shame other Cllrs and MPs fall woefully short of her standards.

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