Ramsgate High Street area cordoned off after assault leaves man in serious condition

A police cordon is in place Photo Jim Brady

An area of Ramsgate High Street, at Hardres Street, has been cordoned off by police officers today (April 30) after an assault in the early hours left a man in a serious condition.

It was reported that the victim, a man in his 30s, was walking in the High Street with three men and a woman when they had a verbal altercation with a group of men and teenage boys.

The victim and his friends walked away but as he reached the junction of Hardres Street, he was approached from behind by a person who assaulted him.

He suffered an injury to his torso and was taken to a London hospital where he remains in a serious yet stable condition.

Photo Jim Brady

The assault is reported to have taken place at around 4.25am. Kent Police attended the scene and enquiries are ongoing.

Detectives would like to speak to anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious at the time of the attack, or anyone who might have private CCTV in the High Street area of the town.

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/81425/22.

You can also call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form.


  1. we need a john wayne type character to ” clean up this town “. even the streets are not safe .

        • I have just looked at the crime statistics for the Ramsgate area. 178 crimes in February 2022. The population of Ramsgate is around 40,000. Even if each crime was committed against a different individual, that still leaves about 39,820 Ramsgate residents who weren’t robbed, assaulted etc in February.

          • Your right Marva, and the time of day when the assaults are committed makes all the difference! These occurred in the early hours, probably just after chucking out time, just saying!

      • So how many people are injured by cars to the extent they are reported on here as against the number of assaults similarly reported? The streets may usually be safe , but there does seem to be a problem around thanet with assaults in the early hours. I’d hazard a guess that in a game of “local injury top trumps” – local violence inclined thug- beats – irresponsible driver – every time.

        • I don’t think being reported on here I’d a metric by which the safety or otherwise of our streets is measured.
          There are more than 40,000 people living in Ramsgate. On that particular night, the IoTN reported that 1 person had been assaulted. It did not report that more than 40,000 had a completely uneventful night.

          • Andrew nearly every weekend someone gets beaten up down there to a point of being in a serious condition. I dont know where you live in ramsgate and why you are trying to distort it with ridiculous facts and theories but you obviously aren’t down town after a certain hour and seeing what’s happening. These are just assaults with serious injuries.

            Until the police and security down there get this situation sorted its best to stay away from the town at that time

        • I’m surprised you are advocating drink driving, as it’s a pretty safe assumption that anyone returning home at 4:25 am would have had a drink or two. And, if so, I think they (or someone they hit) would be more likely to end up in a coffin if they’d been behind a wheel…

          • Again, not everyone out at that time of morning has been in a pub/club, never mind drinking alcohol. I’ve done plenty of jobs over the years where I’m either starting or finishing work at a similar time (heck, they may have been WORKING in a pub/club!).

        • “I dont know where you live in ramsgate and why you are trying to distort it with ridiculous facts and theories” …
          The “ridiculous facts” are that for 99.99% of the residents of Ramsgate, the town centre is a reasonably typical sort of place, where people go out shopping, have a drink or meal or go sightseeing – and absolutely nothing untoward happens to them.
          That’s a fact.
          Even you acknowledge that less than once a week someone gets assaulted.
          Quite right, no one at all should be attacked.
          But there’s a huge difference between the Ramsgate described by some people on here, as some sort of lawless badlands, and the reality of the occasional confrontation between drunks at 4 in the morning.

          • But you have no idea Andrew. I meant its facts that you are making up. You don’t know how many people had incidents on any night. Go down there at 3am and stand back and watch. I’m sure most had a good night, but its an anti social town

  2. I slipped up on a banana skin in Ramsgate 3 days ago and sprained my finger falling. It’s simply not fair it wasn’t reported too.

    • Hardly spin, in my younger days , ramsgate was my area, it never crossed my mind that there’d be unprovoked violence on the meander home . Baxk in the Peggy’s and 5th days , those wanting a punch up found each other and seemed to enjoy a dust up, leaving the rest of us in peace. It rather seems these days that the thugs would rather take out their wants on those less able/inclined to retaliate.
      My last night out in ramsgate ended up in my leaving early as some oik patently wanted a bit of a rumble, i’d have dearly loved to have had the ability to knocked him out out on the spot, but it’s not a skill i possess, so his intimidation won the day. No doubt he felt the big man.

      • This is the big difference nowadays. Having patronised both establishments you mentioned, those who liked a tear-up knew where to find one, while those of us who preferred a kebab and stumble home, could avoid most trouble.
        It seems that nowadays that the more desperate people are for a ruck, the easier the target they seek out. Makes us pacifists a perfect target.

      • What nonsense LC. Back then there were far more fights and issues. Ramsgate Casuals…. And all that…. That massive 50 man brawl that made the national news. Chatham house pupils were routinely beaten up during the day. Rose tinted specs from you. More a case of that it didn’t happen to you and you didn’t read a local website reporting all the incidents. Internet makes every seem worse as things are updated and reported more frequently and with more ease.

  3. I can only assume that these groups of people walking through the town at 4 o/clock in the morning had just left a pub that had finished serving ?

    Or were they on their way to work for the early shift ?

    • Does it matter what the reason was? I’m not quite so bad these days, but I used to suffer badly from insomnia, so would often go for a quite stroll at 4 or 5am. Sadly, I’d be too scared to do it in parts of Ramsgate or Margate though.

    • Really so its ok to get stabbed in the back if your on a night out. But if your on an early shift that’s ok. God there are some self richeous comments on here. Think about the person who was stabbed. He wasn’t Russian or an immigrant. He is a hard working member of society. Who is self employed. So basically you are saying its his fault for going out for an evening

  4. All towns that have pubs and clubs open have issues. It’s not a indication the town is a no go down. As usual the project fear gang will have us believe COVID isn’t real and Brexit was amazing but DFL and “Foreigners” pose us a threat at every turn and our own streets are a dangerous hive of all sorts of activities and yetll they’ll praise Boris and his pals….

    Absolutely bonkers to claim all these things… Thanet is a safe as anywhere else.

    • Oh, and Not Depressed, you seem to be the only one mentioning DFL and Foreigners. I personally would welcome people from almost anywhere in Europe over the locals, and they tend not to have the drink and drug culture that we have (nor the obesity and laziness, but that’s another story).

      • Oh Peter “I don’t check(sfield) my facts” in these articles it’s a constant narrative that’s it’s DFLs or “immigrants” that are causing issues all over Thanet.

  5. Hope the injured guy makes a full recovery, could say more but poss a court case.

  6. Pierremont Park Broadstairs absolutely disgrace last night 5pm to 2am non stop noise vandalism and drugs .

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