Margate RNLI called in after yacht collides with ship

Margate RNLI assists Photo Mark Stanford

Margate’s RNLI lifeboat has provided assistance to a yacht after it was in collision with a ship off the north Kent coast.

Around 3pm today (Friday 29 April) UK Coastguard received a Pan Pan urgency signal from a 27ft sailing yacht with two persons on board reporting that they had been in collision with a merchant vessel in the Margate Roads.

The two occupants reported they were unharmed but their vessel had lost mechanical power and also its mainsail and they were able to sail downwind only under a foresail.

Margate’s RNLI B class Atlantic 85 lifeboat was tasked to assess the situation and assist where required. The casualty vessel was found south of North Foreland and the lifeboat crew’s initial priority was to check on the welfare of the occupants who were wearing lifejackets and were unharmed.

The yacht was however unable to make way towards Ramsgate, the nearest port of refuge and after assessing the situation the lifeboat took the casualty vessel under tow to the safety of Ramsgate harbour where it was secured alongside. After a final check on the yacht’s two crew the lifeboat returned to station.


  1. Well done guys !

    I hope the yacht driver isnt going to drive in thanet ! The roads are a 100 times worst for driving than the sea drivers lol

  2. Where would we be without the R N L I ?? Davey Jones locker would be mighty full bye now ?? Well done our brave heroes.

  3. Since the ship had to give way to the yacht unless they were constrained by their draft or by their ability to manoeuvrer the ship is likley to have collided with the yachts as it was probably the give way vessel – not the other way round.

    Another accident fore the MAIB to examine

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