Farmland for Food not Houses rally to be held in Minster

The development application site in Minster Photo Sarah Bowers

Minster Action Group is holding a protest rally this weekend over a planning application to build 115 homes on village arable land.

The application has been made by Gladman Developments.

The outline application includes 30% affordable housing, structural planting and landscaping, formal and informal public open space and children’s play area, sustainable urban drainage, with main vehicular access point from Foxborough Lane, according to planning documents.

The site covers an area of approximately 5 hectares and is on an arable field on the eastern edge of Minster.

When the proposals were first revealed last year a Minster action group was set up by residents opposed to the scheme. Some 200 objections to the plans have been lodged with Thanet council.

Organiser Caroline Fleming, who is a business development manager,  says roads, schools and GPs are under enough pressure, particularly as other development has already been approved.

The Farmland for Food not Houses rally, which is also being supported by Westgate and Garlinge Action Group, will take place on Sunday (May 1) from 10am.

Participants are invited to bring banners and make some noise.

There will be some short speeches followed by a walk around the village. The rally starts and finishes at Minster Rec off St Mildred’s Road. Ward councillors will attend.

Representations can still be made by emailing [email protected] including the reference OL/TH/22/0414


  1. Gladmans again trying to take Thanet farmland. 30% affordable housing promise ha…like the rest they say later on it’s not cost effective at 30% and get it changed. Shottandane a prime example. Refused 3 times then forced thru on appeal. SCUM.

  2. What hypocrite KCC are they allow houses to be built on farm land then support NO MOW MAY.

    ‘No Mow May’ is a campaign by the charity Plantlife to let your lawn grow throughout May and provide a carpet of flowers for our pollinators to feed on. Even leaving a small patch of your lawn uncut will make a big difference.

    Kent’s Plan Bee team have been busy behind the scenes pulling together many KCC departments to put aside mowing some of the land they manage this May.

    Now, we want to know how this links into the wider Kent landscape and see who else is taking part in No Mow May. Whether a garden or allotment, or you’re a business or landowner looking to pledge a larger piece of land, we want to hear what you have planned!

    For more information, resources and to make your pledge visit

    Kind regards,

    KCC’s Engagement and Consultation Team

    [email protected]]

  3. Did you vote Tory in the General Election? It is the Government which has come up with the formula for determining how many houses a local authority must build.
    Did you vote Tory or UKIP in the Local Elections? It was them that booted out the draft local plan, the one that allowed a much smaller number of houses, several thousand of which would have been built on Manston, not the green fields round the villages.

    • I didn’t realise there was a limit on the number of thoughtful, factual statements that could be made.

      There certainly free reign when it comes to making facile and asinine postings.

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