Girl, 15, caught driving a car during road safety operation in Ramsgate

Kent Specials carry out road checks

A 15-year-old girl was caught driving a car during a road safety operation in Thanet by volunteers from the East Kent Special Constabulary.

Throughout the day on Saturday, April 16, Kent Specials stopped 104 vehicles while carrying out traffic checks in Haine Road and Margate Road in Ramsgate.

Among the drivers was a 15-year-old girl who had used a relative’s car to go out. She was initially stopped as it was suspected she was not wearing a seatbelt and it was then discovered she was just 15.

She was reported for offences and enquiries are ongoing into the incident.

A total of 53 drivers were reported for traffic offences, such as not wearing a seatbelt, having dangerous or defective issues with their cars, incorrectly tinted windows, or driving without an MOT.

Five vehicles were found to be uninsured and three were consequently seized by the Special officers.

Special Sergeant James Johnston said: “Every road user has a part to play in keeping everyone safe. We carry out regular vehicle checks throughout the district to remind people of that responsibility.

“We thank those who co-operated with us during our operation this weekend as well as those who volunteered to help run it.

“Special constables are unpaid volunteers who give up at least 16 hours of their own time every month supporting our regular police officers.

“We are always keen to hear from people of all different ages and backgrounds who may want to become a volunteer.

“They play an invaluable role in disrupting issues such as anti-social behaviour, as well as deterring and tackling criminals.”

Special constables have full police powers, wear a uniform and carry standard-issue police equipment.

For more information on joining the Special Constabulary visit Special constable | Kent Police


  1. Well done. All those not obeying the rules of the road should be prosecuted / have their cars confiscated. The law applies to all and it makes me so mad that some people have such a selfish disregard for it and others on the roads. And the relative of the 15 year old should be prosecuted for allowing her to use the car.

    • I agree with everything you say, other than that last statement. You assume the relative knew and willingly gave the 15-year-old use of the car. If this was the case then yes, prosecution, agreed. However, it is equally likely that the 15-year-old took the car without permission, in which case, it hardly seems fair to prosecute the owner.

      Either way, good to see Kent Police dealing with the state of vehicles on the Isle and the diabolical standards of driving I witness on a daily basis.

      • The choices are clear – either the 15 year old is charged with ”taking the vehicle without the owner’s consent” (along with the seat belt, insurance and licence offences) – or the owner of the vehicle is charged with ”aiding and abetting”.

        • Be interesting to see if either apply. I’ll go for the, owner wasn’t aware vehicle had gone but in hindsight should have kept the keys out of sight, girls defence- had some issues and behavioural problems but has improved of late and shouldn’t have these positive changes be hindered by being punished for what was a momentary lack of judgement which ,whilst potentially dangerous, in this instance caused no harm.

        • Wow how judgemental some of these comments are. U have one guy that has issues against BMW owners, absolutely hilarious. Another who assumes the girl must be from Newington,,, I can only assume he thinks it’s only the council estate kids that would ever commit such a crime. I just hope some of u people write such comments to get a reaction as it would be so embarrassing for you if you really did wonder the earth with such tiny small minded thoughts.

    • Good they caught these people. The only thing I didnt understand is why set under a speed camera? We have a bad problem round here with people speeding. And they stand the one place they know not to do it? Especially as every pillock brought their dream BMW in the pandemic. We need them kind of people caught out as well

  2. Quite disturbing that people find this funny!

    The standards of driving and the lack of consideration for others is alarming.

    Start taking licences away for life to repeat offenders.
    If caught again then prison!

  3. Thanets standard of driving is atrocious and getting worse day by day.

    So many enjoy turn right from the left hand lane at roundabouts.

  4. So 50% of drivers stopped had committed some sort of offence! That just about sums it up doesn’t it, if half of all drivers think its OK to break the law when driving! More of these checks are needed, daily!

  5. Firstly a disclaimer; I, like most people, am appalled by those driving without insurance/licence and/or dangerous vehicles, and applaud the efforts of the police like this for trying to make a difference.

    For those touting 53/104 incidents as shocking and extrapolating this to the entirety of Thanet, do remember that they were pulling cars specifically that they suspected (this is mentioned above with the 15yr old girl) so this is not a true representation of the driving mass as a whole. Also 104 is not a very big sample when you consider the population of Thanet is approx 140,000 (approx 100,000 of age 18+).
    Lastly, comments relating to driving ‘habits’ are totally pointless, as this is not possible to check from a spot check of this sort – an immaculate car could be cleared by this check and then go and drive recklessly 1 mile down the road.

  6. As comments say. What woeful drivers we have in this area. Give me France every time, it’s so relaxing to drive over there.Away from some of the idiot who don’t think before making a Manouver whilst driving

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