Invite to play 2p machines at Tivoli Amusements for ‘live artwork’ project

Play the 2p machines as part of a live art project

Residents are being invited to play the 2p machines at Tivoli Amusements in Margate as part of a ‘live artwork’ project taking place on April 14-15.

Cornwall based artist Stuart Robinson, has created limited edition artworks in the form of casino style ‘chips’ that will be placed in 2p coin pusher machines at seaside amusements in towns including Margate. The public are invited to head down to the arcade, with a pocketful of 2p coins to play the machines and try to win one of the artworks.

Stuart said: “For me the artwork is really about getting people to play and enjoy the 2p machines, to revisit that joy and excitement that I remember from playing these on my annual seaside holidays as a child. The physical artworks act more as a memento of that experience.”

The artist also wants the player to think about their own experiences in the arcades, perhaps as a child on holiday, or perhaps with their own children and how: “in a society increasingly dependent on technology, expensive gadgets and foreign holidays for entertainment, a simple 2p played in an arcade can bring such joy.”

The title of the work ‘Deus Ex 2p Machina’ is created from a  Greek phrase and translates as ‘God from the 2p Machine’ a tongue-in-cheek reference to the power a simple arcade game can have.

The live artwork also runs alongside an exhibition of related work at ‘The Auction House’ in Redruth.

Robinson’s work has often featured the great British Seaside holiday as the subject matter, including his work ‘I’m Westward Ho!’ in which he drove a 1985 Volvo with a large Neon arrow on the roof across the country, retracing the route his family would take to go on Holiday from the Midlands, to Westward Ho!. His work has also recently been shown on ITV as part of their ‘ITV Creates’ ident series.


  1. well said joris – you can get away with any old s**te in the name of art , and still they fall for it , but in fairness perhaps they are not that stupid – they get all the grants deserving causes cannot ?

    • You have to admire this ”artist’s” ingenuity for coming up with this nonsense as an ”art project” – but question the integrity and mentality of whichever organisation is funding this indulgence.

      However, the amusement arcades will be rubbing their hands at the thought of all those extra 2p coins that will be falling into their hands from fools who are trying to win a plastic disc that costs less than their stake money . . .

      • What annoys me is that it is pretty much impossible to get funding for other creative industries without a very convincing business plan.

        I write books. I also research, format, design, publish, promote and advertise them. I have no agent or assistant. Thanks to a combination of luck and hard work (and perhaps a little bit of talent) I’m doing OK.

        Whilst I was building up my writing skills and reputation (and getting the occasional articles published in magazines and fanzines etc), I spent years doing “proper” jobs, including scaffolder’s labourer, taxi controller, doorman, life model, even washing up in a hotel and cleaning toilets in a sports centre. So I do begrudge these so called “artists, with neglible talent and with no real benefit to society, getting funding, all because they use the “A” word and know the right people.

        • Peter this is just insulting to the artist. You have no idea what that artist has gone through to get this stage – to decide because you don’t like it means it is not deserved just comes across as very bitter.

          • Yep. I’m very bitter at public funds being wasted on “art” projects like this, and I’m very bitter at how this seems to be the only vision for the once great Margate’s future. Guilty as charged!

          • No Frankie – it is insulting to the person who has to work for a living and pay tax from their earnings to fund those who are merely indulging in a hobby.

            Please don’t give us all the nonsense about the artist’s suffering for their art ! Painting patterns on bits of plastic may be fun for a five year old but that is where it should begin and end.

            If the artist wants to indulge in this nonsense then they should either get a proper job pay for it out of their own pocket or they should seek commissions from the amusement arcades to supply the painted discs as a commercial enterprise.

            The amusement arcade is the only one likely to benefit from this escapade and if the amusement arcade is unwilling to fund it then it is clearly a non-starter.

  2. Would you be more interested if they had some pervy photos dressed up as ‘art photography’?!
    My days I’d rather tunnel to the centre of the earth with my tongue than spend an evening talking about culture with you dullards

      • That’s because you belong to a nationality renowned for their reluctance to learn other languages. I am bilingual in Welsh and English, and studied four other languages at my state school in Wales from the age of 11.

        • I’m kidding with you Ms. Rees. I’ve probably been to more places in Wales than you have (favourites = Llandudno and Porthmadog, least fave = Newport and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch). Fantastic country overall, as is Scotland.

          • Until the 19th century the name was simply Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll. The rest was added in the 19th century to attract tourists. The village is usually referred to as Llanfair P.G.

          • I’d like to know why Mr. Checksfield thinks he’s “probably” been to more places in Wales than I have. Not that I actually care if he has or not, I just like to know what people form their opinions of other people on, when they don’t actually know them.

          • Because I travel to some places that require access via motorised carriages, whereas you believe that they should be abolished.

            Anyway Marva, tell me about other great places in Wales. I might even put them on my holiday list!

  3. Where does it mention that any public funding was used for this. And the public should absolutely fund the arts because they’re a true reflection of culture and make life a little bit rosier.
    Why isn’t this art? It evokes a feeling, it has a purpose, a design, a method – it’s doing something and engaging people. That’s what art is supposed to do!

  4. perhaps its just me – but is wales is so wonderful , what the frig are they doing up here – or should i say up by yer ? boyo

    • Perhaps it’s just me, but I don’t see why a miserable troll who does not have the guts to write under his or her real name is staying in Thanet, of which he or she has an extremely low opinion.

      Should I say “Cer i’r diawl, crwtyn twp”?

  5. judge – jury and executioner thats marva , she lives in another time i feel. by the way you can call me what you like , your the one that bites at anything people say that you dont agree with , the world according to marva what a book that would be ?

  6. I’ll write what I want,just as everyone else does. But racist rubbish is not to be put up with, as far as I’m concerned.

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