Homes and retirement flats plan for Monkton approved

An outline image of how it could look Image HAPA Architects

Thanet council has approved outline plans for 19 houses and 18 retirement flats in Monkton.

The plans also include change of use and enlargement of existing storage building to a retail unit following demolition of existing buildings at Cole’s Yard, 116 Monkton Street.

Some 50 objections were received to the plans with concerns of inadequate parking and, for residents in Seamark Close, fears of overlooking.

The site is earmarked in the Thanet Local Plan – a blueprint for development on the isle – for 20 homes. This resulted in some objections saying the proposal for 40 properties should reduced to 10 retirement making that block single rather than two-storey. The overall number has now been reduced by three – one home and two retirement flats.

Planning documents for the development, which has undergone some layout amendments, say: “The principal of the development is to allow for a mixed variety of housing types and sizes, including for people of all ages; from starter homes to family homes and finally to retirement homes.

“This will create a well-rounded community feel and cater for local residents who still want to stay in the area when retiring, or younger people/families wanting to buy their first home.”

The brownfield site development is also to include a shop/post office/coffee shop to the upper end of the site.

The plans add: “There will be a set of 4 starter homes (2 bed) laid out in a terraced row to the east side of the road. These have been included in the plans as a need was identified in an earlier Parish Council survey of residents. These houses will be ideal for first time buyers wishing to get on to the housing ladder. Each will have their own small courtyard garden to the rear of the premises.

“As one moves further into the site there are 4 semi-detached properties (3 bed) on the east side and next to these moving south there are 4 medium sized (3 bed) detached properties. On the west side of the road are 8 semi-detached properties. These are to be lower in stature to mitigate the height of the dwellings against the boundary shared with Seamark Close. (*There has since been a one home reduction in the plan)

“At the end of the site is a purpose-built building containing (18) single bedroom retirement flats, common room, laundry room, plant room, medical consultation room and cleaners/recycling areas. The retirement flats surround a south facing planted courtyard and overlook the playing field.”

The plans were approved on April 6.


    • A place where everyone needs to jump in a car to get to the nearest shop? Would not be approved if TDC were serious about their “Climate Emergency” (which of course they’re not).

        • And what happens when you need to give up driving, as the elderly almost inevitably need to eventually do?

          I’m not quite at retirement age yet, but even at my time of life I wouldn’t live anywhere that doesn’t have at least a couple of shops within walking distance.

        • The address of this proposed development is 116 Monkton Street, I have looked at the plans and statement and could not see where the shop/post office had been deleted from the plan. But there are 148 documents, so I might have missed it.

    • There are lots of retirement apartments in Thanet some old buildings some more uptodate the newer ones tend on the whole to be smaller as builders squeeze as many as possible on a small piece of land,some private to buy leasehold some rented

  1. Peter Monkton does have one bus a day plus Coles yard used to be the base of an undertaker WS Cole and Son,
    Now based in Minster. So maybe Coles are hoping to increase their business by pulling more retirees into the village.

  2. Retirement flats…. in a remote area?? Isolated or wot. Are they being serious? Elderly need to easily access shops, bus stops, Drs etc. especially when they need to give up driving.

  3. Actually, this is the first time that I can recall a genuine discussion about housing that debates what WE want housing for, and WHERE it should go ie. village or town, near shops or not, rural bus and other services etc.
    For too long all we have been offered is large semis or detached, too expensive, too numerous and all over green fields.
    At last a development that recognises the need for flats for older people, so releasing their own larger houses for the next generation.
    Now, of course, we can move forward to the vital discussions about local services, shops, buses etc.
    I just wish most new developments had this kind of spread of accommodation types rather than just mass housing of one type. Built to make government figures look good and to maximise income for the builders.
    If the developers in this case are genuine and really intend to build this variety of needed housing, and know they can still stay in business, then it is a lesson for us all. That it is possible to actually meet the real housing needs of the nation and NOT go out of business!

  4. There are several parts of Thanet that are ideal for retirement flats, such as Minnis Bay, Garlinge and Minster (as well as the larger towns). All have a few shops to buy essentials, and all have regular bus services. Building them in somewhere like Monkton, Acol, Manston, Cliffsend and Sarre would just leave the residents isolated.

    And yes, like you say, older people moving into retirement apartments free up bigger houses elsewhere.

  5. Retire in Monkton.. No thanks even Wales has shops nearby. Frail folk waiting an hour then is fine. No TDC planning. Who wants to retire I shall move out.

    • There are plenty of warm indoor places in Minster for these “frail folk” to wait in during the day, when they have finished their shopping.

      • So they’d be forced to spend their pension in cafes or pubs to keep warm… or do you think the owners would let them sit there for a hour without buying anything?

        Martha, you really do come up with some very daft ideas.

  6. What do you mean “even Wales”? Have you never been to Wales , Rebecca Hooper? Or have you never left Kent?

  7. I see that a shop, post office, and coffee shop are catered for in the build, and in the 19 flats building there is a room for medical examination purposes, so what is the problem with no shops etc they have looked at the area and needs very well no where is perfect for everyone but they have thought well, also who wants to carry shopping home on a bus when it’s cheaper to get them to deliver.

    • … and THAT is why so many butchers, greengrocers, bakers, ironmongers etc are going bust, as everyone wants their shopping delivered from one place (it is also why obesity is such a problem as no-one wants to walk around numerous shops).

      • Peter it may well be worth remembering that there are those who are house bound or even bed bound so even with another family member who is unable to carry much shopping a delivery is much cheaper than a bus to get them to shops and a taxi home especially as you have no choice but to be on benefits, look at it this way there are those of us who would love to go shopping daily and get fresh veg, milk, bread etc but can’t and they refuse to ask people to help so they make do the best way possible.

  8. These R.I.P.-OFF retirement places cost a fortune and are leasehold just look at the prices of McCarthy and Groan.
    It’s just a ploy by the government to put pensioners well away from Drs / Dentist (most have false teeth anyway.) and other local service’s.

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