Easter fun and colourful hats at Newington primary

Easter fun at Newington

Children made a head start for Easter festivities with their colourful hats at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate.

Easter bonnet displays were held in all year groups from Nursery to Year 6 with a huge variety of stylish, creative and outlandish home-made head wear. They ranged from traditional chicks, eggs and bunnies to more outlandish creations.

The miniature Easter gardens were blooming – another example of how imaginative the children have been. Creations featured an impressive array that depicted carrots in vegetables patches, picket fences, floral arrangements, bunnies, chicks and eggs.

The week of all things Easter began with Head Teacher Hannah Tudor holding a lively and informative assembly which highlighted some popular Easter traditions and the reasons why they are celebrated. Pupils loved sharing the traditions of how their families mark the occasion too.

Top of the pops with boys and girls was the return of the Newington disco with DJ Bex. It was a number one hit as young dancers boogied on the dance floor and even did a conga round the hall which was flooded with disco lights.

Other activities included traditional games such pinning the tail on the bunny and scuttling down cans in Tin Can Alley, while many children sported colourful and imaginative face paint designs.

Egg prizes were handed out and each child received a creme egg to take home for all the hard work they have done this term. The final assembly was a celebration where ‘super citizen’ certificates for showing what great Newington winners they are.

Assistant Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “The celebrations across the school were terrific. Our children brought Easter alive with their creative input. It was lovely to see them thinking outside the box when making their hats and gardens.”

Miss Tudor added: “It is wonderful to see the children taking part in our celebrations with such pride and enjoyment. We are full of admiration for the bonnets and the gardens.

“They are all brilliant. The colours and designs are wonderful and the intricacy of the work from the strikingly simple to the complex designs are very impressive. A lot of thought, effort and time has gone into the ideas.

“In all of our end of term fun we never lose sight of the significance of this time of year around the world. Easter is one of the major celebrations of our school year and we celebrate it on many different levels from the advent of spring to the religious festival and what it means to people worldwide.”