We Are All Icons exhibition in Ramsgate

Carson Parkin Fairley exhibition We Are All Icons

An exhibition by Ramsgate artist Carson Parkin Fairley opens in the town tomorrow (April 7).

We Are All Icons is on show at the Front Room Gallery, 10 Bellevue Road, from April7-23.

Carson is a multi-disciplinary artist who explores themes of joy, worship and devotion, and is passionate about how the arts, and creativity can affect and shape the lives of everyone.

Carson is interested in who our icons are in a society that has become less religious.

Often celebrating popular culture figures in her work, she is also open to commissions and will gladly turn your grandma, or yourself, into an icon as well. She believes that all our stories are so uniquely important, and that, we are all icons.

The exhibition aims to express joy and celebration at a time where, seemingly, everything is poised to turn you away from it. It includes digital collage, mixed media pieces, mosaic and neon works.

The gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday, 11am to 6pm.


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