Garlinge youngsters visit Lullingstone Roman Villa to bring history to life

Learning about Roman Britain

Year 4 pupils from Garlinge Primary School have been learning about life in Roman Britain as part of their history topic this term.

They have had a range of lessons linked to the historical period and have particularly enjoyed learning about Celtic warriors and Roman soldiers, Boudicca and her revolt against the Romans, Roman Baths and much more.

To enhance their understanding of Roman life, they recently visited Lullingstone Roman Villa, near the village of Eynsford, to enjoy a day of fun and interactive learning linked to their topic. The trip to the villa was a fantastic opportunity for the children to engage in exciting activities throughout the day and learn about life in Roman Britain.

Expert historians delivered a fascinating workshop to the children and guided them around the villa, showing them a range of interesting artefacts. They even had the chance to be archaeologists and had great fun trying to solve a range of historical puzzles.

Elise 4C said: “I loved exploring all the amazing artefacts in the villa and I was particularly interested in the baths. I also enjoyed it when we had to be archaeologists and look in the sand for the pieces of the Roman frescoes.”

Afroulla Goode, Assistant Headteacher for Lower Key Stage 2, said: “The trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa was a wonderful opportunity for the children to bring their learning from the classroom to life with some hands-on activities and fun.

“All of the children and adults had a fantastic day exploring the villa and learning more about life in Roman Britain. The children were a credit to the school with their excellent behaviour and manners and they certainly came away with some great memories of their day.”

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  1. What an excellent way to engage the childrens interest in history.
    It would appear they all enjoyed the experience.
    Well done Garlinge Primary School.

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