A man has died after being pulled from the sea at Ramsgate

Emergency services

A man has sadly died after being pulled out of the sea at Ramsgate.

Ramsgate’s inshore lifeboat launched to a person in the water at 11.37am today (March 31) and passed the man to the care of the ambulance service.

A South East Coast Ambulance service spokesperson said: “SECAmb was called at approximately 11.40am today to the esplanade, Ramsgate, to reports of a man having been pulled from the sea.

“Ambulance crews attended alongside fellow emergency services. The man was given emergency treatment at the scene before being taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition.”

Sadly, the man has died. It is understood he had been trying to rescue a dog from the water before getting into difficulty himself.

Next of kin have been informed.


  1. Very sad 😢
    The general advice is not to enter the water to attempt to rescue a dog …But to call the animal to a safe point .

    • That is so, but sadly, a lot of us with dogs see them as family members & will do anything we can to save them. x

  2. That is so very sad. I was on the shore there around 11 and the waves were catching out a lot of walkers so I can see how someone would have got dragged in. The warning lights were flashing at the entrance to the harbour arm due to the swell and rough conditions. Rest in peace.

  3. I was working right there when it happened. Very sad, it was rough seas and bad weather. Windy, rain, hail and sleet / snow. I feel for the poor chap as he must have truly loved that dog. I love my dog sometimes more than a lot of humans… RIP

  4. Being a dog owner I would have done the same , it is not known if the man was the dogs owner but regardless if I saw a dog in distress I would try to help.

  5. Did the dog also perish or get out on it’s own? The report didn’t say.
    What a terrible thing to happen on such a day of bad weather.

  6. This is so sad, but I would have done the same , my first thought would be to get the dog safe fast and not make a phone call.
    It is a shame some don’t take any notice of the weather forecast , the weather was well forecast bad weather , but some think it / we be ok, it won’t happen to me/us.
    We cannot turn back time , the man is dead, but maybe it be a warning to others .

    A neighbour of mine 33 years ago was a fisherman , the forecast was bad , no other one went out but he did big and brave like in his boat , his boat sunk and he drowned.

  7. This is so sad the fact he risked his own life to save the dog. I feel so bad for the rest of his family and his son. May he rest in peace and be loved for ever 🤍

  8. Such a loss of a young hero ! mark tried to save bobby and lost his life but become a legend and hero !

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