Newington pupils enjoy long-awaited return to sports competition

Year 4 hockey team

Inter-school sport has returned with a passion for children at Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate.

After a long absence from competition due to Covid restrictions, pupils were thrilled to get back into action against other schools.

The first competition of the coming months were two Quicksticks hockey tournaments run by the team from Passport, the Thanet Primary Association for School Sport.

Newington’s mixed teams from Year 4 and Year 6 were champing at the bit to take part in their individual competitions during the same week

For Head of PE Keilly Bowyer it was evident that the knowledge and skills gained from their PE lessons supported team performance immensely.

She said: “Both sides demonstrated real enthusiasm for a sport that many of them have never played before or have not played in more than two years.

“The incredible goals, defence work and hard tackles are what drove both teams on to successful performances across the board.

“Year 6 fought to gain a place in the final and although narrowly missing this chance, they were runners up in their group stages.

“Meanwhile, Year 4 picked their hockey sticks up for the first time ever and demonstrated some real natural talent for the sport.  Their incredible teamwork led to achieving a creditable third place overall in their tournament.

“The PE team at Newington couldn’t be more proud of their achievements and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for the school as competitive sport returns.”

Year 6 hockey team

Sport, games and fitness form a central part of life at Newington and the school continues to build upon steadily improving levels of achievement and performance.

More boys and girls than ever are taking part in school teams that progress well in local, county and regional competitions; and individual children pursuing their chosen sports outside of school are also recording impressive performances.

The encouragement to improve and achieve is part of the school core values, and Head Teacher Hannah Tudor is impressed by the desire and enthusiasm of children of all ages at all levels.

She praised their “commitment and desire” to engage with a range of sport and is particularly proud of how the young competitors win praise for perseverance and fair play.

She added: “I am impressed by the standard of sport in the school and the desire and enthusiasm of the children who are inspired by our tireless dedicated PE team.

“There are a lot of sport and fitness opportunities on offer such as football, gymnastics, netball, swimming cricket, rugby, fitness, dance, dodgeball, speed stacking, and outdoor adventure activities/team building.

“Our pupils also demonstrate their skills as members of local clubs where they compete in a range of competitions.

“Sports and games are an integral part of our school life – our diversity of provision gives everyone of all abilities the chance to join in, keep fit and have fun.”

*Thanet Passport online states: “The Thanet Primary Association for School Sport, or ‘Thanet Passport’ as it is more popularly known, is neither a charity nor a business, but is run by schools for schools.

“It helps organise and supports all primary school sports festivals and competitions across the district. Our aim is to get as many Thanet children participating in sport as possible, regardless of ability, thereby promoting a lifelong interest and commitment to sport and a healthy lifestyle.

“Fair play and teamwork are encouraged at all times, as well as the development of skills. However, sport by its nature is competitive and the winners of many of our events go on to represent Thanet at County Finals with great success.”

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