Pop-up play workshop for adults comes to Cliftonville as part of mental well-being research

An indoor version of the pop-up from Northfleet will be installed in Cliftonville

A pop-up pavilion will be set up at Cliftonville Community Centre this weekend for a play workshop aimed at adults and children.

The event is part of a project by a University of Kent team looking at how play can improve mental health and well-being.

It follows a similar successful event held in Northfleet and involves the pop-up, facilitated play led by a professional actor and evaluative reflection.

The project is being co-lead by Film and Media Studies lecturer Dr Dieter Declercq, Arts, Drama and Theatre head Jayne Thompson and architecture lecturer Dr Ambrose Gillick.

Ambrose said: “We are running the community play workshop as part of a research project looking at the role of play in improving mental health.

“The project comes off the back of recent research into the negative effects of social media and how this can make people feel they have to be ‘perfect.’

“The community workshop encourages people, particularly adults, to behave in a daft way in public. Jayne will hold the play workshops during the day and we will speak to people afterwards.”

The event takes place at Cliftonville Community Centre on Sunday, March 27 from 10am to 1pm. Entry is free and there will be coffee/tea and cakes.