NHS inviting people aged 75 and over and vulnerable groups to have Spring booster jab

The vaccination programme

The NHS Covid vaccination programme will today (March 21) start inviting eligible people to come forward for Spring booster jabs.

People aged 75 and over and those who are immunosuppressed will be able to book from 7am as the vaccination programme enters a new phase.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation has advised a spring jab should be offered to those most vulnerable to covid-19 as a precautionary measure.

The NHS will invite people to arrange a jab through the national booking service when it is their turn. It can be accessed online at nhs.uk/covidvaccine or by calling 119.

Around five million people will be able to get a Spring booster during the campaign and this week, the NHS will be contacting over 600,000 people to invite them to book their jab.

Nikki Kanani, GP and Deputy SRO for the NHS COVID Vaccination Programme, said: “Sadly, we are still seeing large numbers of people seriously unwell in hospital with covid so it remains vital that those most at risk come forward when they are invited to do so.”

NHS health chiefs are expecting high uptake of spring boosters amongst people aged 75 and over after 4.5 million got their top up jab over autumn and winter, and have recruited additional call handlers for the 119 service to help people book their vaccine appointment.

Calls to 119 are free from mobiles and landlines. Lines are open every day from 8am to 8pm, and 119 can provide support in 200 languages.

Local NHS teams will be contacting care homes in their patch as they have done previously to arrange for spring boosters for people who are eligible and have been invited.

Walk-in clinic

Broadstairs Vaccination Centre
Saturday 19 March: 8am – 5.15pm
Tuesday: 22 March: 2pm – 6.30pm
Thursday 24 March: 2pm – 6.30pm
Aged 12 and over
Vaccine Pfizer or Moderna
Doses 1st, 2nd or booster
Dose timing- 1st to 2nd dose gap is 8 weeks for over 18s; and 12 weeks for 12 to 17-year-olds. The booster vaccine can only be given at least three months after your second dose.
Unit 2, Broadstairs Retail Park, Margate Road, Westwood, Broadstairs
Booking needed
Montefiore Centre Ramsgate
Bookable appointments for aged 12 and over
Book online at https://bit.ly/2VUInsj or call 119.
Vaccine Pfizer or Moderna
Doses 1st, 2nd or booster
Central Pharmacy Cliftonville
Bookable appointments for aged 16 and over
Book online at https://bit.ly/2VUInsj or call 119.
Vaccine Pfizer or Moderna
Doses 1st, 2nd or booster
142 Northdown Road, Cliftonville


  1. There are some advantages to being over 75 then! Can’t wait to get my 4th jab, its very reassuring, and the dramatic drop in hospitalisions due to Covid proves vaccinations work! Even those people who do get the virus, are not so badly infected if they have been vaccinated, once again it proves the jab works! All those dumb anti-vaccers who clog up hospital beds when they get infected, should be made to pay for their treatment!

    • It has nothing to do with the vaccines & everything to do with the mild variant taking over & now a milder version of that-as I & others pointed out when the South Africa data was coming out & as predicted exactly the same happened here.

      Notice there is still no mainstream news reporting on the Pfizer jab causing 158 thousand plus undeclared side effects that they & the FDA were forced to disclose by a judge, after they attempted to hide it via legal means until 2096 & of course nobody knows the long-term problems it might cause that nobody knows about, because of the rush to market, when the testing groups are always monitored for years before the product comes to market.

      Just like none of them reported only 17, 371 people actually died of Covid with no other health issues until the end of the third quarter of 2021 & not the media claims of 150 thousand plus, as confirmed by the Office For National Statistics after FOI requests, I wonder why BBC, ITV, Sky & the national newspapers don’t cover it? Why it took them weeks to start covering the Canadian truckers protests?

      Why they are not reporting the deaths of the idiots from the UK, US, South Korea & multiple other counties who went to Ukraine to fight the Russians & got wiped out in attacks on their barracks several days ago? Why those alive who now see what war is & that it isn’t a Hollywood movie where all the bad guys get killed in 30 minutes are not being allowed to leave if they make it to the border with military gear & weapons & are forced back to fight? Guess it wouldn’t fit the propaganda narrative being painted by our & the other Western governments.

      • The side effects due to the covid vaccines are much the same as the side effects to any other vaccine, and the data is publically available from here:

        The BMJ has an article that dispels the “dying with/dying from” nonsense.

        The Omicron variant is less deadly: as an individual, you are less likely to suffer serious consequences if you catch it; but it is far more infectious than Delta, so far more people are getting infected, becoming seriously ill, and in some tragic cases, dying. Hospitalization is going up, particularly among those not fully vaccinated.

        The Canadian truckers’ demonstration began on 28th Jan. The BBC was reporting this at least by 7th Feb: days, not weeks later:

        If you’re going to make absurd and dangerous claims, then at least “do your own research” and come up with half credible arguments, rather than the complete rubbish churned out by the likes of the White Rose group.

        • 1. Afraid not-because vaccines have to be tested for a long time & people monitored for years before it comes to market. This was mass tested on pretty much the entire world & now we know as we suspected why the FDA & Pfizer were trying to block the full release of their trial data until nearly 2100, yes, many of the side effects are mild, but many are extremely serious.

          2. Ha, it was his NHS, as they recently admitted that gave a third or more of people Covid due to abysmal planning & people who went in with other health issues were shoved on Covid wards, where they then caught it & bed blocked or expired as a result.

          The average age of death from it is pushing 83 with other health problems-there was never any reason to stick it in healthy younger people. Yes, no doubt Covid played a factor in many deaths, but the reality is the majority died of other things, but the NHS has wanted to keep the panicdemic going so they don’t have to see patients or deal with the insane backlog this insanity has caused. Of course now with the mild variant even they have pretty much given up with the charade.

          3. What on earth are you going on about? People are not going into hospital with it-it is even more a cold/winter bug now than ever before. Of course the numbers will go up of people having it-this variant has learned to minimise the disruption to its hosts so that it spreads faster & survives. Why are you so obsessed with wanting this nonsense to continue?

          4. It was on their website-tucked away. I sure as hell never saw it on the Breakfast news or the evening news on any station with the wall to wall lockdown parties & Putin moving troops coverage-what is that, the 3 AM broadcast? Also 28th January to 7th February is about a week & a half, why was it not being reported on right away as it is a huge story? I only found out about it from online. This is nothing less than government/media agreeing on state censorship & spin-no different than Putin or any Banana Republic.

          Then again why can the government waste nearly 9 billion of taxpayer cash on useless PPE giving the contracts to their friends with zero experience in the field & the media barely report it & ask no hard questions as they are too busy reporting on the lockdown parties report that was conveniently released the next day? Why are our media now basically pushing out ridiculous 24/7 Ukraine propaganda & lies where they are we are supposed to believe killing thousands of Russian soldiers daily & the comedian is saying they have nearly won, while decrying & removing the Russian Broadcaster for doing exactly the same thing? The tripe being spewed out by Saint Zelensky would make Lord Haw-Haw blush, yet all our media regurgitate it as fact-just as they with a straight face said six thousand deaths a day from all variants including Omicron, when even by the official figures at it’s peak last January never even made two thousand a day?

          5. You seem to know a lot more about this rose group, far more than I do-I have no interest in their propaganda or that of any conspiracy groups-I only know about them because you mention them.

          Just like I have no interest or faith in our media, politicians & the NHS due to their behaviour with lies, scare campaigns, propaganda, spiteful hate campaigns to those fit, young people who choose not to put experimental drugs into their bodies over & over for something they have virtually no chance of dying from & those who get it are supposed to be protected from death or going into hospital-yet the faith in that clearly wasn’t enough. The western mainstream media now are basically government servants & state sponsored propaganda distributors.

    • Dumpton have you been brainwashed too? Talking like that about people you don’t know anything about makes you sound like the dumb one!!

      • Can’t argue with the facts, TDC used to post casualties of the virus on their website weekly, and at the end of last November 578 people went down with the virus! Cases steadily increased week by week, until the 10th January, when there were 2,653 cases! Steadily, as more and more people were vaccinated, cases dropped until the 21st February there were some 757 cases reported!

        The website didn’t show how many cases ended up in hospital, but altogether 555 Thanet people have died due to the virus, probably anti vaxxers, as reports show upwards of 90% of people hospitalised with the virus were never vaccinated! How many people do you know who have died of Scarlet Fever, Typhus, Cholera, Small Pox, Cow Pox, Dipheria, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis, Poliomyelitis, make you own list? The answer is none, because these once lethal diseases have been more of less wiped out, by vaccinations!

        So, don’t be a Pillock get vaccinated, one third of people with the virus don’t know they have it, and could be spreading it around so people like me, who are clinically extremely vulnerable, could be killed, because of their selfish, stupidity!

  2. I’m not an anti vaxxer, however i do not like pumping untested chemicals in my body, I haven’t had any jabs and when i caught covid over xmas period i was tired for a morning. if i’d of been jabbed people would be saying thats why i didn’t suffer, truth is you just don’t know if the jab is even doing anything!

    • 11 Billion doses of covid specific doses been given worldwide to date, plus goodness knows how many doses of related vaccines (SARS, MERS, flu, etc, etc …etc)
      Just how much testing do you want?
      The truth is that vaccines are working very well indeed. Although the number of infections is greater than at any time during this pandemic, deaths are mercifully low.
      When I caught the Omicron variant a few weeks ago, I had a sore throat for a few days. So what? For 160,000 people the outcome was rather more terminal.

      • Well Andrew-the problem is you don’t test experimental drugs on billions of people.

        We now know Pfizer & the FDA colluded to cover up 158 odd thousand side effects, they went to court arguing it should remain hidden for 75 odd years, the judge thankfully forced them to release it & that is what they knew from their short trials. They don’t have any clue what the long-term side effects could be for people years down the line such as developing auto-immune diseases.

    • You are an anti-vaxxer if you even question in any way or don’t get this jab that the company hid 158 thousand side effects of, yet still want to stick in you again. Doesn’t matter if you have had your MMR, BCG etc jabs.

      If you don’t get jabbed or don’t get enough jabs with this one then you are now an anti-vaxxer, anti science, on a par with Piers Corbyn & Alex Jones.

    • This means you could be spreading the virus, unknowingly! A third of people with the virus are asymptomatic, that is they don’t know they have it! In which case if they haven’t been vaccinated, then they are walking around possibly killing people like me, because we are classed as being “Clinically Extremely Vulnerable”. If you haven’t been vaccinated you do not have the right to kill anyone, especially me, unless you are doing this deliberately!

    • What, side effects such as a slightly sore arm, a bit of a headache, aching joints for a day or two?
      A more pertinent question would be “will my health insurance cover me for the side effects of Coronavirus? ”

      If people are going to spout complete nonsense on here, they would be better off “doing their own research” rather than relying on the drivel put out by the likes of the White Rose group:

      • If people want the vaccine they should be free to have it, but I think its well known about the massively heightened chances of younger males getting Myocarditis after having the jab now Andrew. Get your head of the sand mate

      • No-those are expected & accepted side effects. The side effects of blood clots, comas & death, as well as the other 158 odd thousand they tried to hide for 75 years & a judge forced them to reveal. You know the ones they are indemnified from all liability from.

        • Covid vaccines have only been used for the last couple of years, not 75. During that time over 11 billion doses have been administered worldwide. I rather think that if the benefits outweighed the costs, the a) we would have known about it and b) vaccination would have stopped.
          Since Edward Jenner introduced vaccination for smallpox 200 years ago, billions upon billions of vaccinations have been administered across the globe, and billions of lives saved.

          • What? I said the FDA & Pfizer went to court to suppress their trial data being released in full for 75 years & failed, nothing about Covid jabs being around for 75 years.

            Yes, tried & tested for a long time, not rushed to market with no publication in medical journals & peer review like this one & mass tested on billions in one fell swoop.

            The reality as already stated is nobody has any idea about what the long-term side effects could be, because rather than taking a decade or so to get to market after following the injected over a long time to see what happened it was on the market in months. We now know around 158 thousand side effects they hid, if you still have confidence in them after that & the long history of this stuff happening with pharmaceutical companies putting profit over safety in a rush to market then great.

      • I for one have never heard of white rose group and if they are you as you say I have no intention of looking them up either as am no conspiracist. But people really need to start reading up on the facts which are starting to come out now instead of being hidden away like the pharma company Pfizer wanted. Don’t be so judgemental on those wishing not to have a duplicate vaccine every few months for whatever reason, and please stop being so compliant to unknown substances being tested on the public.
        There are long term side effects affecting those who took the vaccines. These were not accounted for at the time, just that we should take the vaccine and worry about effects later.

  3. I don’t know anything about “the ones they are indemnified from all liability from”.

    But I looked up myocarditis and as Andrew says, the risk of getting it is low.

    • Well, you should-governments, including our own indemnified Pfizer, AstraZeneca etc against any side effects. If you do end up dead or with life changing side effects then you or your family have to hope Boris will payout & if you believe he would after the events of the last couple of years, then there is a bridge for sale. There are already people that have suffered life changing injuries from the jabs & the governments don’t want to know.

      So is dying from Covid as a young fit & healthy person-lower than the risks of the jabs. So why have & are they so intent on injecting it into teens & now young children?

      The simple answer-they have pretty much reached saturation point with adults & children cannot refuse. Just like tobacco companies have marketed their poison aggressively to corrupt, third world countries, as regulation in the west & vaping has hurt their bottom line. Of course having seen their profits go up to insane levels the last year they want it to carry on.

  4. I always thought that a universal education system would spread enlightenment, and as such, libraries and places of learning would be revered, as would those spreading enlightenment from them. Instead what do I find, some of the more credulous in our society, look for fault, deep secrets and cabals of one sort or another, by searching out extremist, badly researched websites, that are probably funded by the FSB.
    Look, no one is being forced to have a vaccine. If you feel it is not for you don’t have it. If of course you get a bad attack of Covid so be it. All I ask is that you keep your ideas and research to yourselves, and stop proselyting to everyone else.
    We know at least 150,000 people would be here today, if it were not for covid, possibly more, lets not add to that figure.
    Vaccines have been with us for two centuries and they have saved countless lives.
    I can understand that there is a complete lack of faith by some citizens in government, and in what it says and does, but if you are in doubt ask a doctor or someone who is medically qualified to give you straight forward answers. There must be someone you trust. No man/woman is an island, even if they think they are.
    There is enough news speak coming from Russia, without a home grown variety.

    • Never heard of White Roses or whatever it is called until Andrew bought them up, I am dealing in hard facts from the National Office For Staststics, NHS self admissions of their failings etc.

      The problem George which you might have forgot is people were forced to get the jabs or lose their jobs-here in the UK with care staff & until the last minute cancellation every NHS worker-not even just front line staff, in other places like the US even regular Joe’s. You might recall Boris I would sprinkle any ID card on my cornflakes Johnson then ramming through after dropping it the first time a bill for passports to go to nightspots-which was passed with the help of the so called Liberal Party & the defender of rights Labour. if not for the rebellion of 100 Tory MP’s the next step might well have been for every shop or service.

      You might remember the great ‘liberal’ leaders Trudeau, Macron & Arden smiling while saying they would hound the non vacinated & make their lives impossible until they gave in & how they wanted a two-tier society. You might also recall Austria made it mandatory & eventually hired teams to hunt down the non vaccinated-in a throwback to a certain leader born there.

      Seriously George, doctors are the worst to ask. Next time if you can ever see one again at the doctors have a look to see what is on their mug or pen-chances are it is promoting a blockbuster medicine as they see pharma reps & get dined & often paid by them to promote/prescribe their products-remember how all doctors were told Oxycontin & Oxycodone were miracle drugs with no side effects? Led to the Opioid epidemic that is still claiming many lives over 25 years later.

      Actually there is no news coming from Russia, in case you missed it RT was blocked so all anybody could see was a black screen & now taken off air for good. The only ‘news’ is now every western country repeating the laughable propaganda from the sure to be sainted soon comedian leader of the Ukraine, telling us daily they are slaughtering thousands of Russian Troops every day, how Russia is about to be defeated by them etc & this is faithfully put out 24/7 by our media with a straight face & promoted as fact-so much for a leader being honest with his people or the media asking any questions to contradict the obvious horse manure. When the guy in Iraq did his propaganda nearly 20 years back they laughed & dubbed him Comical Ali, while this clown is being lauded for doing exactly the same.

    • Sorry George but you are talking down to people as if people are much more easily swayed than you. First of 150k people haven’t died directly from covid. Not even close to that in fact. Secondly in alot of 1st word countries people are being forced to have it. Or at least have little choice. For such a disease that is not dangerous to young people of relative health you think they are being dumb to see that the vaccine is more of a long term risk to their health than covid. And you are right. 25 years ago they would have got away with this behaviour. People have found other means of information and thats great

  5. “I am dealing in hard facts from the National Office For Staststics, NHS self admissions of their failings etc.”
    Do us a favour, and actually quote your references when making your claims: that way they’ll be taken more seriously by people. At the moment your postings resemble very closely the ramblings of anti-vaxx sites.
    BTW, this thread is about the NHS offering 2nd booster jabs, not about Ukraine.

  6. All this started off by a demeaning comment by someone called ‘Dumpton’ saying “dumb Anti-vaccers” who probably meant anti-vaxxers actually.

  7. As it’s “vaccination” not “vaxxination”, I don’t see that “vaccers” can be a wrong” spelling.

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