Cosmic Relief blasts off at Newington Primary

Cosmic fun at Newington

Cosmic relief replaced Comic Relief when aliens landed at Newington Community Junior School in Ramsgate on Red Nose Day.

And the only way to send them home was to fuel their space rocket with fun and laughter.

The school’s inspired way of celebrating this year’s charity extravaganza saw girls and boys from Reception to Year 6 take off on a range of activities from explaining cushions to aliens to collecting smiles to spread the fun, laughter and kindness.

The kitchen crew joined in and created flying saucer pizzas for everyone, finished off with black hole dessert – which was an intergalactic hit with all the little aliens tucking in.

The crazy day was co-ordinated by charities lead Steph Holmes who said: “We wanted to make this year’s Red Nose Day something a little bit special for our children so we decided to celebrate our non-uniform day fund raising with a supersonic twist.”

The result was an ‘out of this world’ total of £327 raised towards the charity’s drive to support those in need.

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor said: “Our children get a great sense of joy in knowing that their contributions will help other children. We know how important it is for children to feel they are part of solutions and can help in all kinds of ways.

“Our staff worked tremendously hard to make this a day to remember for us all. It was a stellar experience for Newington – and the children were the stars.”