Power of Women Festival 2022 in numbers

202 people walked in the opening lantern procession Photo Carl Hudson

The Power of Women festival has had another successful year attracting thousands of people to in-person and online events.

The festival, which ran from Friday 4th to Tuesday 8th March, featured more than 35 arts events including live music, dance, art exhibitions, photography, performance, film, poetry, yoga and events exploring nature.

Headliner Self Esteem Photo Frances Beach

This year’s  headliner was Brit-nominated pop star Self Esteem, being supported by the joyful Cocoa Butter Club and Margate’s Social Singing Choir.

There were also three big Youth Art Trails in Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Margate, with the artwork by young people from Thanet displayed in shop windows for everyone to enjoy.

Windmill event Photo Frances Beach

Special events for children and families included a children’s morning music group and a folklore workshop in the form of a scavenger hunt at Windmill Community Gardens in Margate.

Power of Women Festival 2022 launched with a spectacular public lantern procession in memory of women lost to male violence.

Photo Carl Hudson

The lantern procession headed by Mothers United from the Beyond the Page organisation walked from Margate’s Nayland Rock Shelter to Turner Contemporary, followed by a performance by poet Neelam Saredia-Brayley in the gallery and a chance to get a first look at the exhibition Reclaim the Narrative exploring how stories are told about our communities.

Photo Stephen Daly

The festival was supported by Arts Council England, Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust, Kent Community Foundation, Kent County Council Combined Members Grant, Kent County Council Reconnect, Kent Reliance Provident Society, Postcode Society Trust, Ramsgate Town Council and Tesco.

Photo Stephen Daly

Power of Women Festival 2022 in numbers:

10 local women working part time to run the festival.

70 events in the main festival and Fringe

42% of pre-bookable events fully booked before the festival started.

More than 6,000 people attending in person and online this year – 22% higher than last year with the Fringe Festival still running until the end of March.

More than 500 views on the YouTube channel with a 14% increase in subscribers

More than 5 hours of specially curated content this year including a personal video created  by artist Tracey Emin.

92 lanterns made by community groups in the opening procession

202 people walking in the opening procession

The procession stretched 200 metres along Margate’s seafront

Participants walked the route for 30 minutes

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Find out more about Power of Women here: https://www.powthanet.com/


    • What did you want?

      Are any festivals “original”? Perhaps you could mansplain to the the organisers how they could make their festival more original in your eyes. They’ll love the irony of that.

      Sounds like the organisers do a great job to me.

      Do you just hate it because it has women in the title?

  1. Hang on a minute – the photographs do not support the statistics.

    If there were 202 participants in the parade and the parade stretched for 200 metres – then surely they would have to be walking in single file, one metre apart ?

    However, the photos show most of the participants walking four abreast . . .

  2. I notice on the site it is women, non binary & ‘trans’ women.

    Doubt most women will support it-seeing what has been happening in recent times & how men can now decide one day to put a skirt on, declare themselves a woman & enter women only spaces such as locker rooms, toilets & even prison cells(even if they are convicted of sex crimes against women) & women now have to accept this or have the phobia bs thrown at them.

    Any sexual offence done by them is now marked down as a female sex crime, which hasn’t as you would expect been well received by women & anybody who questions this such as JK Rowling & the female Labour MP for Canterbury is then cancelled, gets death threats etc.

    This event ticks so many ‘diversity’ boxes with refugees, trans, non binary etc that I am amazed the BBC haven’t bought the rights & airing it live. Just look at this guff from their site-which of course rails against the evil white patriarchy(yawn)& teaches how to deal with women who don’t subscribe to the women have penises mantra-they are never judgmental to other women, unless you are a woman & don’t accept science & biology have had it wrong for centuries as they claim. One wonders how a festival for women can be run with a straight (or is that ‘CIS’ now) face, when it demands biological women no longer have safe spaces, or any ability to question the Stonewall propaganda that wants to take away their rights.

    Internalised Sexism Course By The Disobedient Survivors

    This is a compassionate course for women and non binary people exploring internalised sexism and how we can overcome it.

    Through discussion, writing and reflection we will collectively begin to understand and remedy the harm that social conditioning and patriarchy causes ourselves and each other, run by The Disobedient Survivors.

    The Disobedient Survivors, Megan and Bryony, come from the standpoint that we all have internalised sexism; this impacts how we navigate the world, how we understand ourselves and how we build our communities.

    This course is for all cis and trans women as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experiences of women.

    The course will cover:

    Siding with the oppressor

    Power dynamics and jealousy

    Sex, sexuality, shame and stigma

    Victim blaming each other

    Judgment and conditioning

    Looking at our own insecurities, where they come from and challenging toxic behaviours

    Challenging harmful attitudes in other women

    Healing and radical boundaries

    They do one for men as well though-tells you all about your male privilege(only white no doubt)& how not to sexually assault & rape women-men are all about ‘rape culture’ apparently & spend all day on the streets sexually offending.

  3. So much to entertain and enjoy on these comments pages!
    Steve, couldn’t we all do with examining’Power dynamics and jealousy
    Sex, sexuality, shame and stigma
    Victim blaming each other
    Judgment and conditioning
    Looking at our own insecurities, where they come from and challenging toxic behaviours’?

    • I am still trying to work out what it all means. It used to be so simple boy meets girl, or boy meets boy or girl meets girl, legs get over. Now there is 160 different sexes(although even the expert in it can only name 40 of them) internal torment & sexism & in the not too distant future you will likely have to sign a contract to even go on a date.

  4. No, there are not ‘160 sexes.’ Firstly, sex is what you are born as, gender is what you identify as. For example, if you were born female but identify as non-binary, you would go often by they/them instead of she/her, but you would have female ‘parts.’ Cisgender is identifying as your sex, so a cisgender woman would go by she/her. The whole ‘160 genders’ thing is media hyperbole anyway. Sure, there are several ways one can choose to express their gender, but putting a number to it is just weird. If you’d like to ask any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer any if you want 🙂

    • No thanks Delta, gender pronouns are enough for me to have to lie down in a darkened room. Life has become very complicated the last 5 years or so.

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