Oil deposit warning signs now removed from Thanet beaches

Signs were put out at affected beaches Photo Seb Reilly

Signs warning of oil deposits on eight Thanet beaches have now been removed.

On March 9 oil deposits were found on Louisa Bay, Dumpton Gap, Stone Bay and Viking Bay. The following day  four more beaches were affected at  Joss Bay, Kingsgate Bay, Botany Bay and Walpole Bay.

Thanet council says it has cleared up to 200kg of oil from affected sites.

On Saturday (March 12) three oil-covered birds were found dead on sands between Ramsgate and Dumpton Gap. Ramsgate resident Mark Hodder found the oil-slicked birds as he walked along the Ramsgate coastline.

The cause of the spill is still not known although suggestions have been made that it could be due to bunkering – transferring fuel oil from one ship to another vessel alongside off the coastline. This has not been confirmed.

A Thanet council spokesperson said:“Since the clean-up began on Wednesday 9 March, we have removed an estimated 150-200kg of oil from Broadstairs and Ramsgate beaches.

“We recorded very few new oil deposits after Saturday 12 March, however we did receive a report over the weekend from a member of the public, who sadly found three dead seabirds on a Ramsgate beach.

“Following beach checks on Monday 14 March, we have now removed the warning signs that were in place.

“Small deposits of oil may continue to wash up over the coming weeks. In the event that members of the public do spot anything they should email [email protected]

“We are unable to speculate on the possible cause of the oil spill.”


  1. well at least if anyone does come here on holiday they wont need a bucket and spade , they can bring a dipstick.

  2. This is just NOT TRUE!!!
    I just (15/3/22 at 13:27) came from a walk through Viking Bay and Stone Bay. The warning signs are still there and there’s no sign of a clean-up having happened. There are big blobs of oil absolutely everywhere and there are also blobs of a strange blue gunky substance. What kind of reporting is this? we’re definitely in the post-truth era.

      • The irony of your comment! I’m stating facts and had a private conversation with Kathy regarding the matter. My remark was completely substantiated and an honest question. Interesting how questioning something based on plenty of recorded evidence makes you comment in such a way. Furthermore, today 16/3/22 the signs have been removed yet there’s plenty of oil around Stone Bay. I’m off to growing up now!

    • TDC say  “Having checked with the team they’ve confirmed that they’re all being brought in if they’re not in already.” So, they were perhaps a little premature with their media response to my query but the remaining signs are being removed. Councils are considered an official source of information. Clearly that does not mean details/info is not questioned, in fact it is often questioned, but I do know of some people who cleared up oil deposits and, whatever opinions are of TDC, it is unlikely that they would blatantly lie about clearing up and issue a fictitious figure for what has been cleared.

  3. The lovely beaches of Thanet have been abused and not protected, what are our wonderful MPs doing to help the issue?

    Craig wants fracking and a museum for old statues no one else wants… whilst denying climate change….

    I wish we had MPs that could get a grip and give Thanet a voice over issues like this.

  4. Wouldn’t it be best if TDC left the signs out at the beaches that are still needing to be cleaned up yet? Surely it would be better to warn people of the big blobs of oil so they can make an informed decision based on it, rather than people keep reporting through to them that they have found oil where no signs exist. A bit premature of TDC in removing them really.

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