Help for Ukraine from Upton with love and hope

Upton pupils, families and staff have donated aid for Ukraine

Upton Junior School in Broadstairs has joined the international effort to help people caught up in the war in the Ukraine.

Children and families have donated a variety of medical goods that have been transported to a UK aid depot before embarking on the 1000 mile trek across Europe.

Deputy Head of School Dave Walker said: “It may be a drop in the ocean but every little item that can be sent to help those suffering and in peril is essential. We believe it is important to help make life a little more tolerable for those involved in this conflict that is causing terrible humanitarian consequences.”

As a school community Upton was invited to join in the mercy mission by parent Abi Rigden whose child is a pupil. Mrs Rigden was driving relief aid from Thanet pick up points to a storage and dispatch depot in Bedford and Upton worked quickly to ensure their contributions were on board.

Donations of vital medical supplies were swiftly forthcoming to meet the transport deadlines and this included goods such as sterile gloves, bandages, dressings and first aid kits for use in a field hospital.

Mr Walker added: “Talking to children about the war is something we consider to be a very sensitive issue – they can be understandably very anxious about what’s going on in the world around them.

“So we are focusing on how we can support the terrific spirit of humanity that is pulling together globally to ease hardship and suffering to those involved in any way.

“One thing we are all very keen to do is help children, families and individuals who are suffering. When Mrs Rigden made contact about taking medical supplies, even though time was tight, our girls and boys were very keen to get involved.

“I’m really proud that we have a school like this that is ready to act to help others – our children learn about respect, caring, and kindness throughout their time at Upton. Acting to help others in distress puts all that learning into action.

“One thing is for certain – our donations come with love, hope and peace from us all in our Upton community.”


  1. That is just wonderful. My Grand Daughter Bethan goes to Upton and its such a great example to set the Children. Very well done I love this story.

  2. In case you missed it earlier its possible to make donations over the phone to UNICEF the children’s charity on 0300 330 5580, and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees on 0800 029 3883.

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