Updated: Keep dogs on lead advice as oil deposits wash up on Thanet beaches

Dog walkers warning

Dog walkers are being advised to keep their pets on a lead on some isle beaches were oil deposits have been washed up.

The affected beaches yesterday (March 9) were Louisa Bay, Dumpton Gap, Stone Bay and Viking Bay.

Today four more beaches are affected. These are Joss Bay, Kingsgate Bay, Botany Bay and Walpole Bay.

A Thanet council statement says: “We are aware that a number of small oil deposits have washed up on the following beaches; Louisa Bay, Dumpton Gap, Stone Bay, Viking Bay.

“The affected areas are being cleared and warning signs put in place to advise beach users not to enter the area of beach below the high water mark in these locations until the warning signs have been removed.

“Dog walkers are advised to keep their pets on a lead at these locations.

“If you spot deposits of oil at any beaches other than those listed above, please telephone Thanet District Council 01843 577 000.”


  1. I wonder if the oil tankers that are turned away from the oil terminals in the U.K. Are releasing oil into the sea as a revenge action. I would not put it pass them.

    • I rather think that 100,000 tonnes of crude oil would lead to rather more pollution than a few drops on a couple of beaches.

  2. its strange how people always want to take thier dogs to crap in public ameanity areas – beaches , parks , open spaces , greens , sports fields ,nature reserves = the list goes on ?

  3. Dogs shouldn’t be allowed on the beaches anyway.

    Dirty shit machines plus the dogs they own!!

    • Feral kids with brain dead parents shouldn’t be allowed on the beach.It’s time parents were made accountable for the crap they raise and perhaps keep their feral kids on leads.

      I would much rather see a dog and and responsible caring owner on the beach than an army of abusive feral s**ts and dumbass slacker parents.

      • Good grief! Why don’t some of you misanthropes get together and go and live in a commune on a small island, as you are so unhappy living near people who like other people?

    • Does that go for scummy people too P y p u? dogs will naturally poo outside of their homes, news to me that filthy humans should do it outside in public spaces too absolute filth

  4. Shall we ban children then as well ? Screaming, crying, tantrums , dirty nappies, litter, foul language, loud gangster music etc. let’s not forget that some adults also crap and urinate on our beaches and parks, don’t forget the used condoms, smashed alcohol bottles and alcohol fuelled violence.. For every bad dog owner there’s at least 10 bad parents whose feral kids ruin if for everyone else.

  5. Although its banned, some empty oil tankers still wash out after delivering their cargo, so yes it could have been a Russian tanker!

  6. people will still try to deny the mess dogs make , as for bringing children into the argument – thats a cheap shot ! have you ever seen the statistics of the amount of children blinded through this filth ? you can give a dog a name , treat it like its a human , talk to it , and all that nonsense , at the end of the day its a mobile s**t machine.

    • where are the parents to let children touch poo in the first place too busy on their phones I suppose?heaven forbid they keep an eye on their little darlings peoples fault, not the dogs I would sooner talk to a dog than listen to some of the people on here spouting and their verbal shit

  7. Well, Andrew dogs are not allowed on many of OUR beaches in the summer months so, unless you are having a picnic in the cooler months when dogs are allowed on the beach it’s your own fault for going on the beach when you do. do not blame the dog and I will say it,blame the owner as a dog owner myself I will say people are responsible for what what their dogs do it is a great pity that some parents are unable to control their screaming I want, I want, little horrors when out any where dogs or children?with me it would be dogs every time they do not have hissy fits every time they do not get what they want and if dog poo is not picked up blame the owner not the dog.

  8. All too often, even in the summer when they’re banned, you see entitled dog walkers taking their dogs on the Main beach.
    But back to the OP: is there any evidence of the stuff being palm oil? Bunker fuel is bad enough, but palm oil is toxic to dogs.

    • Not the dogs fault Andrew most dogs will go where they are led which takes us back to the people being at fault not the dog. and I will keep on saying it is not the dogs fault but that of the owners you know people?

      • I think that if you read my comment carefully, you would have seen the words “entitled dog walkers taking their dogs on the Main beach”
        I assumed that folk would understand that a “dog walker” was a person, not another dog.

        But what about the really important question: is it palm oil?

  9. I like people (of all ages) and I like dogs and I like polluters to be held accountable. I believe these things are able to exist in the same universe, if we work together.

  10. I like people (of all ages) and I like dogs and I like polluters to be accountable and our environment to be protected. These things can co-exist, but won’t while we devote our energy to nastiness

  11. People create more crap and pollution than any other species on this earth,and if dog poo is all some of you can complain about then you have my deepest sympathy with all that’s going on with Pootin dog poo should be the least of your worries, but some folk always need some thing to moan about don’t you

  12. Andrew you are of course right, there will always be people who think they are entitled to do or go wherever they want, regardless of others and they are not always dog walkers, if a dog comes near you on your picnic shoo it away, not rocket science is it?most dogs will turn tail and go, stop blaming dogs and start blaming the owners some of whom should not be owners in the first place.As for it being palm oil I would not know I do not use Thanets beaches at all,never know what one might pick up

      • Andrew human shit more like there’s plenty of it on our beaches left by people, filthy, dirty,. irresponsible people people should be kept off of our beaches until they can leave the place as they found it, clean and clear of all human trash

          • There should be children free beaches where adults can go enjoy themselves without the screaming foul mouthed ferals. Lowlife parents leave sh**y nappies on the beach along with their cans of super strength and cheap wine bottles. It’s the same in kids play areas. There might well be bad dog owners but there’s a hell of a lot more sh**y parents .

          • Andrew Not as irresponsible as people who leave broken glass buried in the sand for unsuspecting visitors to cut their feet on never heard of a dog doing something so cretinous.

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