Upwelling at Pie Factory gallery exploring impact of Holocaust and war

Upwelling by Barbarita Marks

Artist Barbarita Marks presents Upwelling at the Pie Factory, an exploration of her family’s experience of the Holocaust and the intergenerational impact of war.

Barbarita returns to the Pie Factory, after her hugely successful 2019 exhibition ‘Threads’, with her latest exhibition ‘Upwelling’. This continues the story of the ‘Threads’ retrospective, which was recently included in the Turner Contemporary Open exhibition.

Barbarita addresses her relationship with the Second World War, and the devastating impact the conflict had on her family. Travelling through time, the show displays new paintings and collages, along with a selection of revisited artworks.

Barbarita’s work searches for connection with her mother, who gave up speaking German after escaping Vienna in 1939, as a private stand against the killing of her parents. Two of the installations ‘Kristallnacht’ and ‘The Burma Railway’ explore her parent’s experiences during the Second World War.

The gallery says the exhibition is particularly poignant given the current climate and breakout of war in Eastern Europe and is a reminder of the devastating inter-generational impact of war, and it is clear through Barbarita’s work that the legacy of the Holocaust is still felt sharply today.

Upwelling is open March 3-22, 12pm to 5pm, with free entry.