Ramsgate Arts Barge and Thanet photographer Matt Hall open ‘Vriendschap: Deel Één’ exhibition

‘Vriendschap: Deel Één’ on show in Ramsgate

Ramsgate Arts Barge and Thanet photographer Matt Hall (The 13th Second) have opened   ‘Vriendschap: Deel Één’ exhibition this week.

‘Vriendschap: Deel Één’ (part one) is the inaugural exhibition of an intimate docuseries following the Ramsgate Arts Barge project and exploring the Dutch vessel ‘Vriendschap’ (Dutch for friendship), through the lens of Thanet photographer, Matt Hall;

It is on show at 28 Addington Street Gallery, Ramsgate, from now until March 6, opening hours 10am to 6pm.

The exhibition will also be taken into a number of schools across Thanet this March including: Laleham Gap School, Priory Infant School, Christ Church Junior School and visits to the exhibition from Ramsgate Arts Primary School.

With full planning application approved in October 2021, the Ramsgate Arts Barge will be a ‘not-for-profit’ arts and cultural space permanently moored in Ramsgate Royal Harbour.

The social aim is  to provide access to the arts for children 2-16 years in Thanet via complimentary extracurricular art classes, workshops, programmes and courses.

With recent grant project funding from Kent County Council (KCC), Social Investment Business and WSX Enterprise (South East Local Enterprise Programme), Ramsgate Arts Barge CIC is working towards securing major funding so renovation and conversion works can start this summer with a planned July 2023 public opening.


  1. i think they should rename this rusty old hulk the ramsgate titanic , because i think it will suffer the same fate . ( minus the iceberg )

  2. We walked along the harbour last weekend and it looks dreadful and I no sign of any renovation work going on!

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