Ramsgate mum launches Friday market venture

Kirsty launches her market this week

A Ramsgate mum-of-three is launching a market venture in the town’s Centenary Hall this Friday (March 4).

Kirsty Heard has agreed a three month trial period with hall bosses and hopes local traders will attract shoppers looking for something different.

Kirsty said it is her first attempt at events on a business footing although she had organised some community activities before the pandemic.

The market currently has 10 stalls signed up selling goods from tools to cakes and clothes.

Kirsty said: “As a mum who doesn’t drive it drives me crazy to go to Westwood Cross all the time.

“I wanted to do events for the community and I know lots of people are like me and don’t want to always go to Westwood Cross where the shops sell similar things when you might want something different for a birthday or special occasion.

“It got me thinking that doing this meant I could help myself and help others in the community so it could benefit the whole area.”

Kirsty says she has received a lot of support locally and has advertised the upcoming markets with flyers in shops, pubs and groups.

The market takes place at Centenary Hall in Hardres Street every Friday from this week (March 4) from 9.30am to 4pm.


  1. How do we arrange to have a stall as I’m looking to raise money for epilepsy Society we have jewellery brand new watches bracelets, rings, earrings

  2. As regards to Cavendish Street toilets when it was built myself and another carpenter cut and pitched the eight sided food fitted the copula onto and to this day I’m proud of the roof as it took hard work and skill to construct , now mindless druggies, perverts and thugs are causing this building to in the end fall into disrepair ,I hope cctv if any has identified these persons and that they are brought to justice if only to preserve my roof .

  3. I spent my teen years in Margate like Ramsgate both towns were packed with shoppers everyday not just weekends summer even more so you could buy or brows sad to see closures I admire you for kick starting a new venture here in AUS. we have lots of markets big and small council approved always busy people wherever want them Kirsty you will do ok keep sending out your flyers

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