Last chance to view LGBT+ History Month exhibitions at The Margate School

Politicorgy - Bashar Ali

Tomorrow (February 28) is the ast chance to view two exhibitions at The Margate School for LGBT+ History Month programme of events

Politicorgy by Bashar Ali

Free exhibition by Bashar Ali in celebration of LGBT+ History Month. Politicorgy is a performance for the viewer, encompassing sex, desire, disappearance of the individual and representation of political dis-(order) that we live in.

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Bona Polari! By Lee Campbell

Free exhibition by Lee Campbell. Bona Polari! takes Polari as a theme to engage visitors using Lee’s recent film The Tale of Benny Harris (2022) written entirely in Polari slang as a catalyst for discussion and a means to invite visitors to create their own polari.

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Both exhibitions are open from 10am-4pm.


  1. Surely LGBT+ means everyone of every conceivable (or not) sexual orientation and inclination?
    For once I find myself in the distressing (but not compromising) position of agreeing simultaneously with “real world” and Peter Checksfield.

  2. I don’t suppose Phyllis Quot will be agreeing often with “real world”, as her approach to life is generally realistic and positive.

    • Who cares what most people are thinking?
      Once upon a time most people thought that the Earth was at the centre of the universe.
      They were wrong
      I don’t care what people think: I care about what’s right.

  3. I doubt if anybody commenting on a local newspaper knows what most people are thinking.

    People like “real world” wear shit-coloured glasses, judging by their comments.

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