Call for new recycling facilities in Cliftonville West

Rubbish Photo John Horton

A call is being made for a recycling site and/or closed containers for glass and plastic bottles at selected spots in the area.

Ward councillors Alan Currie, Heather Keen and Harry Scobie say many households in the area do not have access to individual bins and limited ability to recycle.

The matter will be raised at the next full council meeting on February 24.

In a statement the councillors said: “We will be asking that a suitable site or sites be identified in Cliftonville West that local residents can easily access to recycle their glass and plastic bottles in secure sealed containers that cannot be accessed by fly tippers or easily misused and contaminated. A facility to also recycle tin, paper and cardboard would be welcome but this would need to be carefully considered to prevent open containers being misused and creating a fly tipping area.”

During the last two years of the ongoing Covid situation with many people spending more time at home and ordering goods and food online, there has been a large increase in the amount of waste generated by the majority of households in Thanet and noticeably in Cliftonville West.

Councillors Alan Currie, Heather Keen and Harry Scobie

The Cliftonville West councillors say they have liaised with the relevant Thanet council waste and recycling and street cleaning officers in a bid to keep the area as litter free as possible and say they have reported all incidents of fly tipping and missed waste collections and encouraged many households to ‘opt in’ to the neighbourhood recycling scheme. The trio say they have also issued extra red bags and replacement bins wherever possible.

The issue of rubbish, fly-tipping and a lack of adequate disposal facilities for some properties has also been raised numerous times by the Athelstan Road Tenants & Residents’ Association (Artra). Residents in the street have been plagued by the ongoing saga of fly-tipping and missed rubbish collections despite the removal of hated communal bins at the end of October 2020.

Litter and flytipping issues before the paladin bins were removed

The paladin bins at each end of Athelstan Road were supposed to be for community use by residents in the area that do not have access to a residential refuse area. But the bins had been a continual hotspot for dumping of everything from used nappies to household furniture. They were removed but fly-tipping, especially in the area of the former car wash site, continued.

The Cliftonville ward councillors say: “It is clear to us that there needs to be more focus on recycling by Thanet council, particularly in areas within densely populated areas of Cliftonville West which contain a number of Houses of Multiple Occupation where individual bin storage is not possible and communal bins are in place.

“After discussions with local people and resident groups, we feel that the ward we represent: Cliftonville West, desperately needs either one designated recycling site and/or a number of sealed containers for glass and plastic bottles to be situated at or near particular hot spots that suffer with fly tipping and overflowing bins.”

However, ARTRA says all the paladin bins need removing before recycling containers are considered. A statement on behalf of ARTRA says there is upset that the association has not been consulted, adding: “Prepare the local community for the removal of all paladin bins as agreed between TDC officers, councillors and ARTRA 3 years ago and perhaps after the successful removal of these last paladin bins, the introduction of recycling containers may be something to consider – but adding additional containers with zero community group communication first certainly isn’t appropriate.

“ARTRA cannot condone the addition of any containers without honouring our agreement and understanding on the removal of all paladin bins on Athelstan Road first, after adequate preparation on Ethelbert Crescent and Ethelbert Terrace, plus the remaining coast end Athelstan Road properties well in advance.”

ARTRA has now requested a meeting with the councillors and council officers to discuss the proposals being made.

Councillor Alan Currie will be making the request to the Thanet council cabinet portfolio holder.

Residents are asked to contact the Cliftonville West Councillors facebook page if they would like to mention somewhere a recycling site or container could be beneficial.

Figures for 2019/20 show Thanet was ranked 262nd out of 350 local authorities for its recycling rates. The authority collected 47,451 tonnes of household waste within that year and recycled or composted 16,524 tonnes giving a recycle rate of 34.8%. The government is now backing a goal of recycling 65% of waste by 2035.


  1. Used to be full facilities in Harold Road car park but taken away due to abuse by immigrant youth… And b4 any one says I lived looking over it so I know.

  2. Yes John’s, the bins were continually abused by the migrant population, and also the dumping of large furniture, such as settees, fridge freezers etc. It’s a shame that they respect no rules or laws, and spoil it for everyone, with their attitude; someone else will clear it up.

  3. The above comments simply say what I thinking , namely that the in area will simply be turned int a communal dining area yet again. Too many immigrants living in that area seem to think it is ok to do so and that it will be cleared u for them at council tax payers expense. Nothing racist about my view, simple observation without dark glasses on !
    I’m not sure what the answer is but putting Paladin bins there with no controls in their use is not it.

  4. Cliftonville has a large contingent of residents comprising all sorts nationalities, creeds and religions plus any other differentiator you wish to use , who never have and never will dispose of their rubbish responsibly. TDC have tried to encourage recycling for years but its a complete waste of time in cliftonville just about everything collected is contaminated.
    The area needs to learn to walk before it runs. Concentrate on just getting people to put their rubbish out as they should or placed in the provided bulk bins properly. That alone would make a huge difference to the area.
    Once you’ve managed that then think about recycling.

  5. Oh, what again? This is just the usual annual conflab they have between themselves but it never goes anywhere as nobody at TDC listens or cares enough about the area. If there is not an earner out of some funding or other then two fingers are shown up to the residents. Even then it is wasted on demolishing things at great expense instead of more economical repairs.

    What is the point in adding more bins, and where are they going to go? A lot of people haven’t got any sense and will just use any bin to throw their rubbish in, no matter what colour the lid or bin. Flytippers will find where they are and continue to dispose of commercial waste. There are no cameras over these bins anyway, and even if there were nobody is watching and waiting, no enforcement happens. TDC cannot provide a statutory service with refuse, never mind recycling. They cannot replace lids on the bins that are ripped of when emptying so rubbish is blown out of the bins and removed by gulls. Look at all the Cliftonville bins with no lids!
    People have tried to find a solution for years but all that ever happens is yap, yap, yap!

  6. One thing tdc does not do is pride itself on clean green streets.
    Taking away services to recycle
    Landlords empty properties and dump furniture
    Nappies thrown out of window culture.
    TDC don’t care period if they did action would have been implemented years ago.
    Your ward councilors say the same rubbish year in year out. No solution. It’s money all the way with tdc.
    Rather waste it giving free land to dreamland bosses. Or spending it on Christmas Dinner with Haekels

  7. Why should we keep throwing money at Cliftonville ,more rates are spent cleaning up after the dirty immigrants that think this is okay, l don’t go anywhere near this place only if I really have to, you can tell what type of area this is when police are always driving around the streets, l feel sorry for the handful of people that live there and care about the place they live , the whole of thanet would benefit from a far better recycling service, but l don’t know where you would start .

  8. There are plenty of “dirty” non-immigrants around in most towns and cities. People who don’t recycle. People who dump furniture in streets, alleys and lanes.

    • Didn’t think it would be long b4 Marvin from Ramsgate chimed in about Cliftonville with the anti British rhetoric. Just need Margate Jim to pile on. The story is about Cliftonville… Where I live not Ramsgate where you live. Ramsgate has its own problems of rubbish destroying the area with the violence

  9. There’s a fixation on here with immigrants, whilst there are most certainly some of the areas more recent arrivals we’d be better off without , the area has had a terrible reputation from years before the more recent inflows, who remembers the numbers of junkies and alcoholics who moved here from scotland and other areas ostensibly as a new start in a thriving holiday town? Then we have the high numbers of home grown ne’er do wells , who have no intention of working or contributing to society.
    Hatherley court in the early 2000’s was owned by a social provider that offered a “new start” to problem individuals and families from all over the country. We had the infamous Leslie Hotel that TDC used as emergency housing and when it was closed with a great fanfare then used the Glenwood Hotel in Edgar Road for the same purpose, problems related to that were not publicised as loudly as its predecessors.
    Cliftonville has been used as a dumping ground , childrens homes, bail hostels and sex offenders placed in the area with no concern for the effects it had.
    In short put too many of lifes least fortunate and you’re going to get problems.
    All of this has helped to drag the area down and make it a no go zone for many would be home owners. Migration has most certainly bought its own challenges and additional crime and antisocial behaviour. There used to be so,e reports on the web prepared by Mark Pearson the then police lead on the Margate task force, well worth seeking out along with other MTF reports, though they get harder to find each year.
    The policy of not wanting to stigmatise the immigrant community has not helped things as its only fostered discontent when known events are not publicised and so seen by some as being protective of the wrong doers, the child brothel in Arthur Road in the early 2000’s being the worst example i know of.
    But back to the rubbish, the problem lies solely with the areas residents and those that don’t use services correctly, the endless bleating about businesses dumping their rubbish is all well and good but the rest of thanet is not similarly blighted and does anyone really believe that every flytipping business comes to cliftonville and nowhere else? Not likely is it.

  10. On top of, as LC says, the bins / recycling being not used the issue with the Harold Rd facilities was the immigrant youths (not British Marvin) taking glass out of the bin and smashing it all over the car park. I reported this to TDC and the police on numerous occasions and had exactly zero response except when I went with recycling one day to find the bins gone. Also as LC says the police will not challenge the immigrants in the same way they do British. Again numerous reports of large groups of male immigrants hanging about, noise, mess and intimidation of passers by including making my girlfriend walk in the road (cus we all know their misogynist ways) to the police greeted with “its just their culture to hang about at night”…..WOW

  11. I noticed that all the recycling bins behind Sainsbury’s at Westwood (glass, textiles etc), have also disappeared, don’t know if these are council Sainsbury’s, or private in some way, but where have they gone?

    What’s going on?

  12. Probably the company collecting the waste are fed up of it being useless, too often contaminated and as auch needing to go to landfill or need expensive sorting, both of which will make the facility uneconomical provide. Plus someone needs to pay people to clean up the never ending mess there where people can’t be bothered to take a bit of time to get their rubbish in a bin ( quite how they expect to get a bulging black bag in one of the letter box bins iis beyond me, but instead of turning up with rubbish in a manner they can get in the bin. They just dump it by the bin)
    Recycling needs to be economically viable to become sustainable, though given the amount of plastic we’ve dumped around the world that then gets burnt , you have to query whether there is a real recycling industry rather than a scam.

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