Plans for Cliftonville skatepark look set to move forward

Skatepark plan for Cliftonville (Image Skater: Kane McArthur ) Photo by Ben Wilks

Plans for a skatepark in Cliftonville will move forward if Cabinet members approve proposals for a 20-year lease agreement.

The park will be at the former crazy golf site in Ethelbert Crescent and will be run by a CIC created by Dan Cates and Nic Powley of Margate Skateboard Club.

It is one of the projects being carried out as part of the £22 million Margate Town Deal.

The skatepark proposal received support from Margate and Cliftonville communities and the National Skateboarding fraternity. A petition supporting the plans gained more than 3000 signatures.

It is one of the projects which aims to deal with some of the health inequalities in the area by promoting fitness and wellbeing, social engagement, local tourism, and also creating employment.

Margate Skateboard Club are recognised as experts in their field. They have provided advice and guidance to organisations like Skateboard GB, and they have advised other local authorities on the commission and delivery of Skateparks.

Nic is the boss of Skate Pharm and Dan is a board veteran working with companies including Death Skateboards and part of the Skate Pharm team.

The bid put in for the new skatepark was for £1million. The Town Deal granted £750,000 but there is also £100,000 match funding from artist Tracey Emin and  £59,000 from the council’s capital programme which was previously earmarked for a Margate skatepark.

Margate Skateboard Club will also undertake fundraising for construction, community engagement, running events and activities on the site and supporting a programme to encourage people of all ages into skateboarding to improve wellbeing.

Thanet council owns the site which was previously home to the  ‘Little Oasis skate park’ built by skateboarders and operating during the Summer of 2013. The park was flattened by Thanet council in 2014, citing health and safety reasons.

Thanet council says it would potentially be forgoing an annual rent estimated to be about £10,000 – £15,000 or possible sale proceeds of £100,000 – £150,000. However, there are restrictions on the use of the site, with significant implications for development, and despite previously being marketed the land did not generate interest.

The development of the skatepark will be carried out by the council, according to the Cabinet document.

The Margate Skateboard Club plans include a toilet and a kiosk with the kiosk having a hub for staff of the CIC to support community engagement activities and deliver health and wellbeing programmes.

Income from the kiosk will be used to maintain the toilets and the Skatepark, covering running and maintenance costs.

Cabinet members at the council are expected to give approval for a 20 year lease with no rent costs to be drawn up alongside establishment of the CIC.

Council documents say if the project looks like it will be over budget the Skatepark will need to be scaled back, or further funding gained by the project sponsors.

The plans will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on February 22.


  1. The council can put money in a skate park but not the play area (viking ship) in Cliftonville, can anyone see something wrong here ?

    • The article states that the development will be carried out by the council, they’ll have their funding back for the charges they make for officers time.

      • Other than giving us the lease on the land the council will not directly be involved in the development of the skatepark.

        • Might be an idea to raise that with TDC as the report to Cabinet says: “The development of the skatepark will be carried out by the Council ensuring that the design
          and construction is of an acceptable and sustainable standard.”

          • It does seem misleading although it’s still an ongoing project but currently it seems as though TDC will lease the land and will of course oversee the project is run correctly in terms of planning, health and safety etc but essentially we will be overseeing the build and then handling the day to day running, in the same way the Bandstand is now being managed.

        • Tdc took over 400k out of the lottery heritage scheme for the dalby square area, to “ regenarate” council / municipal property. They were effectively the greatest beneficiaries of the scheme taking out way more than went into it, something you’d only know if you read the final reports.

    • No. The park has had a ton of money thrown at it. The cost alone of creating the park!! It’s the locals who don’t appreciate the park and have ruined it.. why waste more money? At least the skaters will look after the skate park and it will bring business into the area from visiting skaters.

    • I was under the impression that the council, are going to spend quite a lot on a new playground. To replace the rotting and worn out ship. Have I missed something? The council invest in play facilities it is wrong if they do not it is wrong. Some people are never happy.

    • The money for this is coming from the Town Deal fund and other funding. TDC are putting in the 60k for a skatepark that was set aside about 10 years ago and never built.

    • The money was ring-fenced for a skatepark in Margate but there wasn’t a suitable location, plan and Town Deal funding (which is the bulk of funds) until now

    • They’re making a completely new park, this has nothing to do with Margate skateparks funding. If you have children that want to use the Viking ship in Cliftonville then at the rate TDC move your kids will be a great age to use the new skatepark 🙂

      The Viking ship was a great park until it become unsafe and it’s a fairly new park to be in such bad condition.

  2. With the new free skate park and an affordable clip and climb opening up. That will be the end of the expensive Revolution skate park!

    • Most towns and cities have both indoor and outdoor parks which compliment each other and have very different user groups.

      • It’s about time this should have been built years ago, reference the play area I never thought building a wooden structure in an exposed area next to the sea with all its elements ie: high winds and salt was a good logical idea but what would you expect from TDC.

      • In the other towns and cities you refer to is it the case that one or the other is free to use ? Some of the comments seem to suggest the park will ne free to use and the article seems to suggest that income from the kiosk will cover running and maintenance costs, have i understood correctly?
        “Toilet” is mentioned several times, i’d assume it’d be required as part of health and safety given the “hub” that is also mentioned. Will the toilet be open to the public in general as a public convenience or solely part of the skate park.
        Can you give a link to the proposal and any planning application? Whilst i applaud the efforts to bring investment to the area , i have reservations as to the possible negative effects on both the olympic cafe and revolution skatepark , as well as the lack of response to my queries regarding additional parking pressure on the immediate area once the park ismoperational.

        • Had a look at the facebook page which ismlight on detail but does give an external link to
, but on facebook following it gives a page saying there is no internet connection and if you try to access it through a browser you get “server not found”.
          Does this page exist?
          Full marks for seeing an opportunity and going for it, but its starting to have the hallmarks similar to the oval and the old shelter. In that the council is desperate to see something happen and goes with whatever comes before them, whilst i appreciate there must have been discussions with tdc, i can’t find any documentation on line is there anything that the public can view?
          The only tangible thing is the petition and its considerable number of signatures, which again is easily orchestrated via it being llinked on skateboard forums , message boards etc.
          I’m in no way against the project , but the lack of any detail , doesn’t inspire confidence. At least in this instance the land is being leased to the project (though it’ll be intersting to see if all of a sudden additional funding becomes contingent on the freehold being handed over and a request for tdc to do so made). Provision of a public toilet block in the scheme would be beneficial which along with the kiosk,being close to the childrens playground would improve that as well. Is that the plan?

          • Sorry for the slow reply, I’m just one man, and whilst I”m trying my best to respond to every query on here I do have other things to do and it’s quite time consuming trying to patrol the whole internet for questions about the skatepark.

            So to address whether we are suitable candidates to run such a project: I am a qualified Civil Engineer with 35 years skateboarding experience. I have worked at several skateparks doing marketing and organising events. I was a founding member of Skateboard GB the governing body for Skateboarding and helped in the selection of the Olympic team. I have consulted on numerous skatepark designs and builds including Minster, Ramsgate and Broadstairs and others further affield. I have run a skate shop in Margate for 8 years, prior to that I was the Skateboard Team manager at Vans, one of the biggest shoe brand in the world. I have consulted on skateboarding matter for many big brands including Red Bull and Sky TV. I have run skateboard events at virtually every skatepark in the UK (including several at Revolution). Both myself and Dan have judged at World Cup events. Dan is a long term pro skateboarder and a walking encyclopedia on the subject and his highly regarded as such throughout the industry. You can learn more about us via google if you so wish or I can happily supply you (or anyone else) my full CV and references should you wish. So not only are we definitely the most experienced people in Thanet to deliver this we are also up there with the most experienced people in the UK to do such a thing so I hope this satisfies you on that level at least.

            With regard to the parking issue we will be tackling this. The skatepark will attract extra visitors to the area, that’s part of the point of it, but also it’s small change compared to say the beaches in summer. From an environmental our main stance will be to encourage people to walk, skate and cycle to the park where possible with public transport a close second. As you say their are two adjacent car parks and more parking nearby all, all only a short distance from the park. Introducing a local parking system is a little outside our remit but as it’s something you seem relatively passionate about it could be one for you to take on? I live on the street so I’m more than aware of the parking issues round here particularly during tourist season.

            I find your comment about The Olympic cafe to be quite typical of what appears to be your ‘glass half empty’ views on things. Why would the cafe not benefit hugely from a large influx of extra customers to the area just as I’m sure Rendezvous and Faith in Strangers as well as other local businesses will do? The same goes for Revolution, the Margate skatepark will generate a whole new bunch of users for them, in the winter or when it’s raining those that can afford to skate indoors in a warm skatepark surely will? Most towns and cities have public outdoor and private indoor facilities operating side by side without issue.

            No planning has yet been submitted as we haven’t been awarded funding but once we have we will be going through the standard proceedure.

            Our agreement with the Council is to provide a toilet on site for Public Use. The kiosk would also be for the use of anyone that wants to use it. We need to generate some revenue at the site for supervision, cleaning, maintenance, insurance etc whilst keeping it free for all to access it.

            As for the Margate Skateboard Club website please see my earlier comments about time, I’m a father and run a full time business too, there will be a full website specifically in due course.

            I suspect from your responses you have some deep seated grievances with TDC but I would ask you to not let this sour your views on what could be one of our biggest community assets, a great thing for our town and it’s young people. Come down and see for yourself on the opening day.

            If I’ve missed replying to any of your comments please let me know, I don’t want to be accused of swerving anything!

          • Also there is an open day at the Turner on the 26th Feb where all the projects will be on display and you can come and ask myself and Dan any further questions you may have.

          • Thanks for the response, i have at no point questioned your qualifications/suitability for the project.
            I did question why your facebook page refers to a non existent website to which you’ve made no response.
            My concerns regarding the Olympic cafe is that in there being a kiosk on site ( in order for you to raise revenue) there would be little need for people to use the cafe and may even attract some of their trade.
            Parking , i refer to one car park the lido, the other i mentioned was closed and turned into part of the squares gardens.
            It seems (to me) from your response that parking for your users is of little interest to you and any negative effects on local residents a burden you see as collateral damage.
            No comment in respect of my query on the nature of other places with both an indoor and outdoor skatepark free or commercial.
            20 years of dealing with TDC tends to make one somewhat guarded with what they do.
            I support the idea of a new facility in the area, but it needs to be done with everyone in mind and at least acknowledge that it threatens other businesses who’ve not had the advantage of grant funding, again i’ve no problem with such funding and effectively free land ,but do when it helps new ventures undermine local businesses.
            Is there a link to the proposal you submitted for the funding ?

          • I did address the website matter previously:

            “As for the Margate Skateboard Club website please see my earlier comments about time, I’m a father and run a full time business too, there will be a full website specifically in due course.”

            At the moment there’s not a lot we could put on there and FB and Insta are far more efficient ways for us to communicate.

          • “My concerns regarding the Olympic cafe is that in there being a kiosk on site ( in order for you to raise revenue) there would be little need for people to use the cafe and may even attract some of their trade.” – My point with this was that if the park is bringing new people to the area and even if they all eat at the kiosk it’s not going to take away their existing business. However if, as I believe it will, the park makes the area better and attracts new people to the area then the Olympia and all surrounding businesses will benefit. So in that aspect I disagree with what you’re saying and I think you’re wrong but only time will tell.
            “Parking , i refer to one car park the lido, the other i mentioned was closed and turned into part of the squares gardens.
            It seems (to me) from your response that parking for your users is of little interest to you and any negative effects on local residents a burden you see as collateral damage.” – Not at all, just that I have a long list of things to work through and I haven’t dealt with everything yet, we didn’t even know if we’d get approved to use the land today so I’m just working through things logically. I walk through the Lido Car Park days on the way to work, it’s divided into three car parks currently. My other point was that I agree parking in this whole area is an issue and I suspect it’s only going to get busier so looking into a residents parking scheme might be a long term good idea but it’s outside my remit.

          • “No comment in respect of my query on the nature of other places with both an indoor and outdoor skatepark free or commercial.”

            Must have missed that one sorry but if you want a list: London, Skegness, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Swansea, Cardiff, Newquay, Rochester, Benfleet, Barking, Hemel Hempstead, Chester, Bristol, Corby, Greenwich, Brighton, Birmingham, Norwich, Nottingham, Isle of Wight, Saltash, St Albans, Poole, Plymouth, Blackpool, Warrington, Hull, Hastings, Weymouth, Newton Abbott, York.

            Virtually every indoor skatepark in the UK has at least one corresponding outdoor skatepark if not more.

          • Is there a link to the proposal you submitted for the funding ?

            There was a submission for the Town Deal fund a few years ago, I don’t have a copy or a link to it but it must be on record with the Town Deal Board/TDC

            I think this answers all your questions again, let me know if I’ve missed anything.

          • Again thanks for the response. Sorry still seems odd that you have time to promote on facebook a website that doesn’t exist.
            You may well feel that my comments and questions are negative from your perspective , but given whats happened at the oval and more recently the old shelter, I’m sceptical about a lot of what’s said when it comes to applicants after free land and money, it’d be nice to see some real information / detail. Or is it a case of the funding application was little more than

            “ i’d like a chunk of cash to build a skate park in a deprived area, both for the communities benefit both in its use and those it attracts to the area. The council are interested and look to be minded to lease us the land , but this will need approval after we have funding. No planning application has even been drawn up and though community support is very likely its not a given, we’ve not made any representations to highways etc. ps the council would like a toilet for public use included and they have a bit of previously allocated funding to contribute. Please see my attached cv demonstating my experience and qualifications relevant to the proposed project”

            I don’t for one moment believe it can be that easy and if it is, gawd help us.

  3. How can it be put there when a legal Covenant is on the land that says it must not have construction over 4 foot high unless a fence or trees? It would not be possible. If TDC give the go ahead they will be breaking the law unless they put restrictions into the contract stating the covenant legal requirements.

    • If there is a active Covenant, stating no constructions over 4 foot allowed. Why was there a building on the site for at least 40 years. Where you could buy ice-creams and pay to play the crazy golf? This building was only demolished in 2014. Even the windmill on the golf course, was about 6 foot tall.

      • That is true Tony, but the council didn’t enforce these regulations.

        I ran the Crazy Golf from mid 1970’s to mid 1980’s and the Covenant is live for perpetuity so rolls over to the next owner of the land if it is sold on. It does state the height restrictions for construction in it as 4 foot. The council held indemnity insurance in case of any claim on it. The ticket hut was put up without official authority while I was there. When the next manager took over they decided to sell Ice creams and teas. There was no toilet facilities there at all which made using the bowling alley necessary.
        The South/Ethelbert Crescent end of the land has a grass bank that is approximate in height to the 4 foot which the restriction is based on.

        But, if intentions are to construct above that height then it would breach the legal restriction in the covenant. It may be possible for the council to consider trying to get the restrictions dropped legally. I am sure they have legal representation that could look into that.

        Saying all this is to inform anyone taking on the project that they need to check literally everything before signing any contract with TDC for a lease on the land as they could end up in a sticky situation. These covenants usually only appear when documents are being drawn up but sometimes they are kept hidden. Never let anyone dismiss the covenant as not legal, it is.

        Personally I am in favour of the land being put to good re-use as when the previous lease ran out the land was left to get derelict by the council. It is now used as a dog toilet as the fence was pushed down and left that way. They know it cannot be sold for development of any other use than leisure so a much needed skatepark there will hopefully be an improvement of this neglected part of Cliftonville.

      • The toilet and a kiosk will be fun to use if they are under 4 foot high. I can not see any Covenant getting in the way anyway. Just make them them look like the windmill that was there for 40 years, without a problem.

        • The toilet was one of the main priorities for the Council so I assume they know if they can build it or not. The skatepark itself is virtually all ground level or lower. There is a 6 foot fall on the land from road level to clifftop though, so more that possible to build a toilet and kiosk of a suitable height without going over the 4ft if need be. I haven’t seen the details of any covenant on that land, nor has anyone else that I’ve asked about it so far so can’t really comment on the details. There was however a hut/kiosk there for many years until recently.

    • Do you have a copy of this covenant or access to it in any shape or form? I’ve heard a lot of talk of it but I”ve never actually seen any of the info for myself.

      • The council lawyers should have a copy of it. It would have to pop up when documents are signed anyway. If you are intending to take on the lease then you need to get sight of it first. I do not have sight of it any longer as left there decades ago. I did see a post on the Friends Of Cliftonville Coastline Facebook group with a partial sighting of the document but it was inside a post thread somewhere.

        Like I said up above, the document is based on 4 foot which was approximately the height of the grass bank on the South end of the land. Now there is another grass bank of approximately the same height on the North side of the land so it could be possible to put a hut or toilet in by partial excavation if this is allowed. That might be possible to stay under the height restriction.

    • I imagine that won’t/can’t stop any excavation work being carried out. Just because you can’t go up doesn’t mean you can’t go down.

    • Covenenats are easily overturned if the the body that invoked the covenant no longer exists ,and so it has no purpose , for example.
      The council leased the top green to the dalby square association many years back, then basically ripped it up and handed the land over to social housing , because they knew the association had insufficient financial backing to challenge the action in court.

  4. Seems a lot of money to be gifted to this project when there is already a perfectly good skateboard park called Revolution just a mile up the road and Clifftonville needs and could benefit from so much more than a skatepark

    • The money is not being gifted, it was part of the Town Deal Fund which is supporting a number of projects round Margate/Cliftonville. If you felt the money could be spent better elsewhere you were more than welcome to put in the work and submit a proposal as we did.

  5. What a wonderful positive place for kids to develop their skating and life skills , really hope this is all good to go really soon

  6. Can’t wait for this!! Just imagine the fun vibes, athleticism, social skills, fitness, balance, comradeship, the views!! Going to be so positive for the energy of the community and the the area.

  7. Amazing news. As a Cliftonville resident with a young family, this is exactly the types of things needed. Shame the ignorance of people shows through when things like skateboarding are involved – can’t please everyone I guess.

    Hats off to everyone involved.

    • Thanks for your support Tom. Hopefully any doubters will soon have their minds changed once the thing is built and the can see for themselves what a positive asset it is to the town and it’s people.

  8. I’m so glad Nic is running this and has my full support. About time the young people of this town had a positive activity! Excellent mate well done. pS I DJ’d at the launch night at Faith In Strangers! See ya, Steve.

  9. A skatepark of the proposed scale will be a massive boon to Margate. Large well designed skateparks promote mental and physical well-being and a sense of community in their users. Several other seaside locations such as St. Ives, Newquay, Shoreham, Peacehaven and Lewes have all seen an uplift in wheel sports based tourism resulting in more money being spent in local businesses. Sounds like a brilliant project.

  10. If itis run by a CIC then hopefully it will be better looked after and maintained than the one in the Memorial Park in Broadstairs where the fencing was pulled down, bins tipped up to be used as ramps, rubbish accumulated for months. My grandson used to love going there but in the end I had to stop taking him due to the aggressive behaviour of older users.

    I would rather pay for him to go to Revolution where he would be safe.

    • Of course it’s up to you where you take him. This park isn’t being built as a replacement to Revolution but to compliment the other skate facilities in the area. However some people can’t afford to pay to skate every time so a free skatepark is a huge bonus to many people. I very much doubt the aggressive behaviour came from actual users of the skatepark, unless your grandson was behaving in a way that was dangerous to other skatepark users. The park in Cliftonville is to be supervised and constantly maintained by us making your other worries unfounded.

      • Can a deal be done with the lido car park owners to incorporate parking into the skateparks charges.Dalby Square, Edgar Road and Ethelbert Crescent already have considerable parking pressures ( not helped by the closure of the dalby car park) assuming the skate park attracts reasonable numbers of visitors , its going to cause a few parking issues , especially so being adjacent to the bowling alley.
        Have the local councillors considered parking issues.? Should a residents parking scheme be considered, push visitors into the car park.

  11. Skateboarding can transform the lives of kids who don’t fit in with the expected norms, often the types of outsiders who would otherwise go down some bad paths in life. It can give support to teens when they most need it. So even if you don’t understand it, appreciate the life skills it can bring. It can generate adults with huge creative skills along with a never-say-die attitude. People who appreciate their surroundings, who love to adventure out beyond their home towns, and befriend people from around the world. It’s not really a sport for lots of skateboarders, it’s often an education and a family and a way of life. Well done to all involved!

  12. A brand new skatepark and a brand new playground next door, major investment and funding coming into Cliftonville West at long last!

    • Cllr, what considerations have beeen given to the additional pressures on parking in the immediate area?, these may not be inconsiderable if the skate park becomes as popular as hoped.

  13. Super excited for this, my family are returning from the USA to the UK and the possibility of the new skate park is making Margate very attractive!

  14. Of course there’s always going to be some people who won’t be happy with plans like this but for some people, locals and tourists alike, this park could mean so much and will bring extra tourism and income to local businesses in the area. Glad to see Margate finally getting the skatepark it deserves, let’s get it built!

  15. Can’t wait for the skatepark to open So good for physical and mental health. Skateboarding teaches such great life skills. You fail you get up and try again until you succeed . Doesn’t matter how athletic you are or not the playing field is level. Most importantly the person with the biggest smile is the best skater and skateboarders always support each other.

  16. This is going to be great for Margate! The skate community is thriving, I’ve seen so many more skaters around Thanet in the last few years. From the abundance of young children, to gents in their older years. A skatepark really brings everyone together, if you’re learning for the first time or the local pro that hasn’t been rocognised, even if your just looking to hang out and spectate spectacular sport. We need to accept skateboarding like we do other Olympic sports.

  17. This is such great news! Well done Nic and team for pushing to get this in motion. It’ll be a brilliant addition to the area, the people living here and visitors. Super excited!

  18. The skatepark Should go ahead without doubt . Newquay town council estimate that their skatepark concrete waves generate me circa £million per annum in additional tourist revenue, Margate could do the same as well as providing a much needed multi use recreation space for locals which encourages inclusivity , fitness , positive self achievement and tolerance.

  19. I can’t wait for the park, thanks to everyone for working so hard on the plans! My kids are going to love it when they’re old enough to use it, and I’m hoping to get back on a deck after way too long off one (I’ll embarrass the heck out of them).

  20. I will visit Margate solely because of the skatepark. No doubt spending my money in local businesses during my stay. ( add a curb as feature to the park for slappies please)

  21. Great news for Thanet and long overdue. Positive times ahead for the residents of Margate and the whole of Thanet. Good work Nic and Dan👍

  22. This will be a game changer for clifftonvile, not only is skateboarding a creative and fun way to stay healthy it is also the best way to escape yourself and keep your body healthy and mind occupied when suffering mentally, it’s a positive influence for the youths of the area rather than gang type influence, there is no doubt about it bringing tourism in as skateboarders travel just for a curb let alone a skatepark by the sea. This can only be a good move for the future of Margate!!

  23. Skateboarding breeds positivity and creativity, it teaches you to never give up, it builds confidence, promotes good mental health, and as can be witnessed every single day at any given skatepark a camaraderie and inclusiveness like no other activity.
    This will be such a positive asset to the community, and for all ages too. Good luck with it, this will be such a positive asset to Cliftonville.

  24. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put Margate on the map and for it to be a place that skateboarders (of all ages) will be proud of and will flock to. With the new indoor park in Folkestone (F51), the new wake boarding lake in Sandwich, the proposed surf lagoon at Betteshanger, Deal skatepark, kitesurfing and windsurfing at Minnis Bay and Sandwich Bay, East Kent will become the boardsports Mecca of the UK and will bring lots of economic upside for future investment in the community. This is part of a real regeneration opportunity that will also be a catalyst for healthy lifestyle, both physical health and mental health. My thanks to Margate Skateboard Club for having a world class vision and the experience to bring it to life.

  25. Incredible news, excited to see the final result! Nice one Nic, you’ve been an amazing asset to skateboarding in Thanet for years now and long may it continue!

  26. Really looking forward to having a free local park, and in such an epic location! Well done to all those involved!

  27. A skatepark here would be an amazing asset to clifftonville and thanet as a whole. It’s a place families and youths can hang out and it much nicer than the dilapidated park there now, it will also bring in a huge amount of tourism.

  28. Thank you, Nic, for presenting the case for the skate park so clearly and politely.
    When I read the story, my first thoughts were that it was a doubtful way to spend so much money, but the points you make are convincing.
    Your behaviour makes a refreshing change from certain campaign groups who won’t discuss the facts – and abuse anyone who disagrees with them!

  29. Can’t wait! You guys are doing a great job getting this going. It’s going to be such a positive for Margate especially, and the greater area as a whole. The community of old and new faces enjoying the space will be an incredible thing to witness. A well built, free skatepark is a huge asset for any town. We’re so lucky! Thank you to all involved!!

  30. So stoked for this to be happening, a free well built skatepark could improve mental/physical health, produce local Olympic altheles and bring more tourism to Margate.
    You’d be mad to be against it.

    • You would think that right? That site has been nothing but a dog toilet since the DIY got demolished. Will be nice to see it back to life!

  31. Best news to come out of Cliftonville in a long time!
    Exactly what’s needed, free to skate and could even bring in tourism from non-local skaters too.
    Amazing for the community and I’m happy to see some positive news for a change 🙂

  32. I agree that it will be a great addition to the area. Any Outside recreation/sport for all ages, locals and visitors is something positive. Let’s hope and pray it actually happens!

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