Birchington teen creating ‘diverse’ cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Tabitha is a keen cook

A Birchington teenager is using her baking skills to share ‘diverse’ cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.

Tabitha Prince,17, is sharing cupcakes which are ‘gender neutral to represent all types of love and fight against stereotypes in 2022.’
The Ursuline College student, who is studying A level biology, English and performing arts. achieved a grade 9 at GCSE for her food nutrition and preparation and says cooking is a passion.

She said: “I have many friends who identify with the LGBTQ+ community and also many friends who are simply single.

“I find St Valentine’s Day has been so commercialised and I really dislike all the cliches that arrive in the shops after Christmas.

“I really thought hard about representing what love might look like in 2022. So I decided to try and offer diverse and gender neutral cupcakes to all those who are important in my life.

“I deliberately refused to use stereotypical reds and pinks and instead chose neutral tones to make them more diverse and meaningful to all.”