Birchington teen creating ‘diverse’ cupcakes for Valentine’s Day

Tabitha is a keen cook

A Birchington teenager is using her baking skills to share ‘diverse’ cupcakes for Valentine’s Day.

Tabitha Prince,17, is sharing cupcakes which are ‘gender neutral to represent all types of love and fight against stereotypes in 2022.’
The Ursuline College student, who is studying A level biology, English and performing arts. achieved a grade 9 at GCSE for her food nutrition and preparation and says cooking is a passion.

She said: “I have many friends who identify with the LGBTQ+ community and also many friends who are simply single.

“I find St Valentine’s Day has been so commercialised and I really dislike all the cliches that arrive in the shops after Christmas.

“I really thought hard about representing what love might look like in 2022. So I decided to try and offer diverse and gender neutral cupcakes to all those who are important in my life.

“I deliberately refused to use stereotypical reds and pinks and instead chose neutral tones to make them more diverse and meaningful to all.”


    • I’m sure the young lady is talented and means well but yes, what ever next? It frightens me thing about what is being taught at schools these days. Our traditions are rapidly being cancelled, we’ve had it wrong for centuries it appears.

      • Yes, you have been getting it wrong, and ‘tradition’ i.e. refusing to do things differently because that’s how they’ve always been done, is ridiculous. It holds everyone back.

        Does it make you feel good to go on the internet and bring a child (who is just trying to do something good for a marginalised section of society) down, because you can’t wrap your narrow mind around the fact that the way you see the world might not actually be how things are? You’re not the centre of the universe. Schools are teaching children to be themselves, not be who they’re expected to be.

        Let the girl bake cake, for christ’s sake.

        • No! schools are teaching children to be what THEY want them to be, not themselves!
          Not sure where you get your nonsense from? you clearly have some issues, living your dream world…

  1. I’m sure the intentions here are pure and fantastic and I agree with all the sentiments, however when did red become gendered or for straight or just white people? Pink I get is gendered but I also feel rather than deleting pink we need to use it for more than just girls. This is already done by many football clubs and rugby clubs for their shirts. The days of little girls in pink and little boys in blue should be gone. We don’t need to signpost gender as being so important when choosing colours. It’s ridiculous and always has been. It’s not new.

    Don’t even start me on the slogans on kids clothes – ridiculous.

  2. woke snowflake spring to mind how the hell can a cake be upsetting to anyone other than people with allergies to the ingredients get a life

  3. News story: young adult does something nice to promote inclusivity, positivity and acceptance.

    Response: load of old Gammon up in arms at the sheer offensiveness of cakes which defy our beautiful British traditions.

    Seriously, get back to your Jim Davidson VHS collection and your bread and dripping. If you want to live in the dark ages, do so, just don’t expect the rest of the world to do it with you.

    • MargateJim – Really? Jim Davidson and cakes, hmmmm. Is this modern logic? I also remember bread and dripping being part of my upbringing in 50’s due to shortage of money. No food banks then, no handouts for my parents. You obviously have no idea of living in early 50’s.

      • I should also add that Jim Davidson still packs out theatres across the country (to audiences of ALL ages) after almost half a century in the business.

        As for this talented young lady from Birchington’s “woke” cakes, I have no strong views either way (and I would probably buy one if I wasn’t on a diet!).

        • I should also add that Jim Davidson packs out theatres, across the country, to bigots, xenophobes, racists, little Englanders and flag waving inbreds, and has donr for almost half a century. It is a tragic indictment of our society that there are enough of these people in each town to pack a theatre, but there we have it.

          • You believe that if it makes you feel good (though chances are you won’t feel quite as good as those who go to his concerts). Personally I find it a shame that he no longer does his “Chalky White” act as I always found that amusing, as did my black Caribbean stepfather.

            A good friend worked as an usher at Margate Winter Gardens (as indeed I did for a few years) from 1962 right up until her death last year. At the service, tales were told of the many stars she met over the years, both good and bad, and ONE of these stars ALWAYS seeked her out to say hello whenever he played there. His name? Jim Davidson. A decent bloke.

      • Yes, FedupB, really. The sheer quantity of gammon commenting on this site would put Danepak to shame. Besides, if you were brought up in the 50s, you’ll no doubt have benefited from the ability in adult life to purchase a property at a price which was in keeping with salaries of the day, irrespective of handouts from parents, so calm yourself.

        As for foodbanks… We have them because people, many of whom work, cannot afford to feed their families. This is because cost of living has risen dramatically, when compared with average salaries. When you have a situation in which working people cannot afford to feed the family, pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads, it isn’t particularly useful or intelligent to hark back to the glory days of 1950s England.

        I am very fortunate. My partner and I own our house, can afford to heat it and feed our kids. We do this off our own back, no handouts from anyone. We work our backsides off to do this, but we certainly don’t look down on others, nor do we punch downwards. You should try it sometime.

          • Gammon bring it upon themselves, and are usually punching down at younger, poorer or marginalised people from their position of privilige, privilige they have as a result of when they were born i.e. a fluke of the universe. Thanks for dropping by, John.

        • What on earth are you going on about Margate Jim.
          Most people work and pay their own way, with many doing it on the minimum wage and would not dream of going to a food bank.
          You are such an angry person with not just insulting comments to others on this thread, but on many others I have read.
          I am sure the young lady makes delicious cakes and she should be commended for it.
          I really do not know where this country is going though, when we resort to gender neutral cakes.
          There is also nothing wrong in talking about how things were in the 1950’s although it is to you.
          Your anger needs help.

          • James, you are talking utter drivel, as per.

            This country has more foodbanks now than at any time in modern history. The reasons for this are clear for all but the most woefully, wilfully ignorant to see. When you have working people having to resort to foodbanks, there is clearly something fundamentally wrong with a country and how it is governed.

            You say that many “would not dream of going to a food bank”, like this is something to be ashamed of. I say shame on you for such ignorant, condescending judgement on people in dire need of help. There is nothing shameful about seeking help. What is shameful is that people are allowed to go hungry in the 5th wealthiest country in the world. So, instead of getting out of your pram about gender neutral cupcakes, you absolute tool, why not focus your efforts on something a little more important.

            Am I angry? You’re damn right I am, and people like you only make it worse.

            Am I angry

    • Come on, Peter! Are you serious? Jim Davidson is a great and wonderful man because he sought out a longstanding member of staff each time he visited and was nice to her. Is this what you are saying? Is this all it takes?

      What we’ve learned from Peter today is… You can be a nasty, callous, racist, hateful bigot, making fun of minorities in the worst possible way, making them the butt of the joke, rather than ‘in on it’. You can make a good career out of this behaviour, earn yourself loads of money perpetuating this hate and bile wherever you perform but, as long as you say hello to the ushers and smile, you’re ok.

      Your cluelessness really does astound me.

      • Reply to MargateJim
        I have just googled the word gammon you are using and it is classed as an expression used against ageing white males among other results, so,who is the racist now.
        How disrespectful are you.
        Pontificating about everybody else who has commented.
        You really are something else.

        • Dear, dear James Gammon, I mean, Gibbons… As a white male myself, it is highly unlikely that I am racist toward white males. Indeed, I’m not entirely sure that is even possible. As for respect and disrespect… Respect is earned. When I see the same people on here, time and time again, commenting the same utter bilge, perpetuating the same tired stereotypes, I feel no respect. None. I hope this helps you better understand my position. Yours, MargateJim.

          • There is absolutely no point in replying to any of your comments because no matter what anybody says, you immediately attack.
            If you google the word ‘gammon’ you will see it is an expression used against ageing white males.
            I am an ageing white male and I take great exception to the use of this word.
            I truly think you need anger management help
            I at least use my birth name to comment, unlike you hiding behind a fictitious one.

          • Do you realise how offensive your left wing ‘gammon’ insult, would be to somebody of Jewish or Muslim faith.
            Lucky for you I am neither.
            But I still take great exception to it as an insult to an older white male.

  4. Agree with Mr Checksfield, although the idea of gender neutral cakes is from experience funnier than JD.

  5. Unfortunaly, I could see some of these comments from a mile away. Sorry that our existence seems to be so infuriating for some of you, but you know you don’t have to date us, right? There’s no super-secret law we’re trying to pass at the LGBTQ+ HQ to force everyone in the world to be gay. We HAVE been testing a supersonic weapon to boost the production of oat milk lattes though.

  6. Reply to James Gibbons a.k.a. The Gibbster,
    I wouldn’t feel the need to attack if there weren’t so many utter morons posting their archaic views on here. But, you all make it so easy, like shooting fish in a barrel.

    I’m sorry you take great exception to the use of the word ‘gammon’. It is amazing how many gammony types are convinced younger generations are ‘snowflakes’, yet completely lose their minds when being compared to pork products.

    How do you know I don’t use my birth name? I take great exception at that. My names is Jim Margate. Jim is short for Jimothy and I am from a long line of Margates, dating back to 1066. My middle name is Gammon, ironically.

    • “Archaic views”? Surely Jim Davidson is a very modern comedian, far removed from the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club “mother-in-law” joking Northern comedian of the olden days?!

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