Dispersal order to be put in place in Cliftonville

Stock image Kent Police

A dispersal order will be put in place in Cliftonville this weekend.

The 48-hour order comes into effect from 6pm tonight (February 11) and will cover the Cliftonville area including Northdown Road, Norfolk Road and Athelstan Road.

Anyone found acting anti-socially or likely to cause alarm or distress can be directed by police or PCSOs to leave the area and not return without risking arrest.

Over the last week, Kent Police has received reports of anti-social behaviour involving groups of young people who were seen placing obstacles in roads, damaging property and causing disturbances.

Inspector Ian Swallow of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “The actions of a small minority of people behaving irresponsibly can have a big impact on a community and our officers will take action against anyone found to be causing issues in Cliftonville this weekend.

“We urge residents to report any instances of anti-social behaviour by calling 101 (or 999 if a crime is in progress) or via our website so officers can respond appropriately.”


  1. It’s always late in the night when these foolish disturbances happen with cars being attacked, street furniture smashed up, temporary road signs thrown about, fighting, shouting and screaming by morons on the drink, and it all happens when no officers are available so I am not sure how this will work unless a visible deterrent will also be put out on these streets during the dispersal order period.
    Previously when reporting any incidents happening on the street no police turn up, so these incidents just carry on. The troublemakers know they will get away with it without a police presence. I can’t see a difference really that an order will make without the officers to carry them out.
    Now with a larger payment going to the Police and Crime Commissioner each year from our taxes for extra officers we should be reaping the benefit of a visible police service enforcing laws. Where are they in Thanet?

    • Maybe too many people living in a small area who get bored with nothing to do during normal hours. You will always get a few anywhere.

    • Yes I agree, I reported to the local enforcement officer face to face that in Albion Road and Harold Road men are parked up engins running lights off drinking Vodka and smoking weed, I explained this is normaly between 7.30 and 10pm at night, he said thanks for that we will keep an eye out however since that day a week ago I’ve seen no police walking about this area

  2. These yobs have been allowed to get out of control the police / courts are partly to blame because of weak response and sentences. There should be a curfews with no one under 18 allowed on the streets between 7 pm to 7am unless they are with a responsible adult. If they break the curfew with out just cause 3 years detention of 3 years in the army.

    • Why would the army want these sorts of people? They would be unable to be physically or mentality trained. The army has plenty of applicants of real quality to chose from.

    • Trouble with the courts their powers are limited, perhaps the Police should just stop, warn and say next time you are out after say 7 PM your parents will lose their benefits or wages if working.

  3. Can’t remember how “A Clockwork Orange” ended, can anyone help? Must try and get the video, or read the book again!

  4. The police won’t do anything or say anything to these sad act people. They will probably say to them excuse me guys please don’t do that you could get in trouble. Then drive away very fast.

  5. I live in harold road and unfortunately it’s a nightly occurance for people to be terrified by gangs of youths a 70 year old man got attacked by these kids something needs to be done

  6. I was witness to threatening and intimidating behaviour last Saturday evening a group of 14/15 youths one was probably only 10+ at most outside my son’s flat in Harold Road, to their credit the police did respond initially 2, who could only show a presence until others turned up, these lads went on the rampage in Northdown road, some of them were detained and cautioned. The Police do a tough job with limited resources, I commend them for their actions and service.

    • Pointless cautioning them , they need a good kicking in front of their mates and be assured they’ll keep getting them till they behave, proper 1980’s police force not the current woke police service.
      Obviously not a popular opinion but if they’re not stamped on some poor innocent is going to get badly hurt eventually.

      • I was told a story a few years ago from a chap in Gravesend. Local youths causing havoc everywhere, so the ringleaders were rounded up by local men, thrown in the back of a transit van, taken down the marshes and doused in petrol. They were told that next time a match would be thrown at them. Trouble stopped immediately. Problem solved, no old bill involved.

        • Yep, back in the day the respectable hardworking and hard locals made sure that their locality’s stayed calm and trouble free, just their presence would instill respect in the younger upstarts. Still occured up until the 90’s in smaller villages , but these days will rarely happen, there’s too much of a chance that the respected locals would be prosecuted for doing the “right thing”.
          The thugs and antisocial no longer have any real fear of being held to account , the criminal justice system lets them get away with just about everything other than violent crime ( if they are caught) and so act as they choose.
          You’ve only to look at the number of stabbings that take place to see things are going wrong, the rate of stabbings in addition only makes the good citizen less likely to intervene or stand up the thugs.
          If we head into an economic downturn and money gets tight things will only get worse.

      • Lol LC , I had this when I was 14 and suffered badly I was punched , beaten and my money was stolen, I was really scared , one day I thought B****ks what the hell, I found a large piece of wood and yeah I did belt them with it expecting the worst, I was then classed as a nutter , don’t go near him, I never had another problem. This is not the right thing to do is it ?

        • You also gained the confidence that when pushed came to shove you were capable and willing to hurt those that’d quite happily hurt you, it’s a very empowering experience. Some would dismiss this as comic book stuff but it’s basic psychology, 90% of people are physically capable of protecting themselves but very few have the mental capacity to do so.

  7. No one is looking at the root cause of this behaviour. Due to package holidays in the 70s the best hotels in Thanet were sold off to slum landlords to fill with people on benefits and immigrants.

    In the 90s they were filled with people from Eastern Europe among others. Imagine being in an Eastern European country surrounded with death and destruction, often with young children and trying to make a better life for yourself and your family.

    So you come here. But when you get here, there is no mental or emotional support let alone language support for you to deal with the years of war that have made lots of people very fragile mentally.

    Lots of people suffering from PTSD with no outlet in a small concentrated area with no connection to the local community.

    So what happens? Drugs and booze blot it out and kids get raised in low income housing with suicidal alcoholic drug abusing parents who just need some help.

    Kids get left to fend for themselves and grow into horrible people and do the things discussed here.

    You all need to remember that when councils and governments bring in immigrants it is often to tick boxes and get grants. They don’t care about the immigrants, they care about budgets and targets. The immigrants are just the pawns in the game.

    Most of Thanet will vote conservative. Let me remind you that this government and local council do not care about anything other than lining their own pockets and giving contracts to those they shower with after squash.

    So if the statistics mean bringing in immigrants that end up causing trouble locally wins the contract at the behest of said immigrants then so be it.

    Bring on the hate.

    I will no doubt get untold hatred from this comment but I hope that anyone that responds does so intelligently and responds in a well thought out way to open debate rather than just name calling.

  8. Having taught many children whose parents had recently arrived in Britain from war zones and/or very poor countries, I completely agree with “Thanet thinker”. The traumatic effects of their past lives may well last throughout their lives.

    Most of the families I met were ordinary families, not a bunch of delinquents, and their homes were clean and tidy , not squalid pits.

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