Ramsgate Town Council to host its first Volunteer Recruitment Day

Crafty Poppies will be one of the groups at the event Photo Brian Whitehead

Ramsgate Town Council is hosting its first Volunteer Recruitment Day on Thursday (February 3) from 3pm to 7pm at Radford House (the old fire station) in Effingham Street.

There will be a wide range of volunteering opportunities available including charity shop assistants, becoming a Visitor Information Ambassador, joining one of the many gardening groups, learning to be a tour guide at Ramsgate Tunnels or helping at the newly opened, Ellington Park café, to name a few.

RNLI crews on exercise Image by Watch and Shoot

The RNLI teams will also be there, offering various voluntary roles including lifeboat station crew, lifeguards, fundraisers and volunteers for their shop at Custom House.

Sharon Goodyer heads up Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet will be attending to promote their food club volunteering roles and there will be a chance to sample some of their locally sourced, tasty treats along with a cuppa!

Ramsgate Town Council’s Town Promoter, Rebekah Smith (pictured), said of the new event “Our Town Clerk, Laura Fidler, felt that this was an ideal time to promote the variety of volunteering opportunities that Ramsgate has to offer. We have been really pleased with the uptake from organisations and charities and think there is a good mixture of roles that will appeal to residents who want to get more involved with their community.

“Opening up Radford House for this event also demonstrates its versatility and underpins the vision for the building becoming a space for the community once all the renovations are completed. Everyone is welcome to come along and find out if there is a voluntary option that will suit them, even if they can only spare a couple of hours a week, it could make a massive difference to some of our local organisations.”

Organisations attending include:

Citizens Advice Bureau


Cancer Research Shop

Crossroads Care Kent

Red Cross Shops

Ramsgate Tunnels

Visitor Information Centre

Festival of Sound

Our Kitchen on the Isle of Thanet

Friends of Ellington Park

Gardening groups (there are several groups covering almost every day of the week)

Crafty Poppies crochet group (who make the lovely poppy displays that are seen around Ramsgate)


  1. what about some volunteer road sweepers and dog s**t clearers while we are at it ?
    oh yeah and some graffiti ( or is it art ? ) removers.

  2. Real world. I don’t think volunteers should be expected to sweep the streets or spend their time picking up dog poo because low life owners of the dogs can’t be bothered as for graffiti those who do that should be jailed after they have been forced to remove the mess they have make. There is far too much reliance put on volunteers only a fool works for nothing. I bet the chief executive’s of all these charities don’t do their cushy job for nothing, no of course not.

  3. There are lots of benefits to volunteering – gaining valuable experience for a CV, social contact, feeling part of the community. Rewards other than monetary gain.

  4. while we are on the subject , i wonder what happens to all that money ramsgate harbour gets from the wind farms – the ballast company etc ? where does that go , or shouldnt we ask.

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