Flood alert issued for areas of Thanet coast due to high tide

Margate is one of the areas included in the flood alert Photo Matthew Murphy

A Flood Alert has been issued due to the high tide expected to affect coastal and tidal locations tomorrow morning (February 2).

Flooding is possible two hours either side of high tide, between 11pm tonight and 3am tomorrow, with strong winds and unsettled weather causing higher water levels than normal.

Flooding will affect lower lying locations nearest the coast throughout this area, between Whitstable and Margate. Highlighted areas include from Palm Bay through Margate, Westgate and Minnis Bay and also Dumpton, Ramsgate, Pegwell and Cliffsend.

The unsettled weather is likely to continue over the coming days so some further periods of flooding are possible this week,


    • Spring tides come twice a month. Just after full and new moon.
      To complicate matters, there is also a strong wind blowing a wedge if water down the North Sea, and there is low atmospheric pressure, which causes the sea to bulge up.

  1. Having lived on the seafront years ago it is not where i would live if I owned a car , the salt/ wind rots them all year.
    Good luck with the wellies in the morning.

  2. I must be missing something but can someone tell me how Palm Bay and Cliftonville are at risk of sea floods when there are 15 metre Cliffs in the way?

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