Boy hit by car in Ramsgate airlifted to London hospital with potentially serious injuries

Emergency services in Margate Road

A child was airlifted to a London hospital following a collision in Ramsgate yesterday (January 27).

The boy, a student at Royal Harbour Academy, was hit by a vehicle in Margate Road, Ramsgate at around 3.30pm and is understood to have suffered a head injury. The road was closed between Whitehall Road and St Luke’s Road junctions while emergency services attended the scene.

A South East Kent Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “Ambulance crews attended and were joined at the scene by the air ambulance service. The pedestrian was treated at the scene before being airlifted to Kings College Hospital with potentially serious injuries.”



  1. Stop

    Look left

    Look right

    Look left again

    When clear then begin to cross the road whilst continuing to look left and right!!

    • Maybe the person driving the car was over the speed limiting. Meaning it was safer for the pedrestrian to cross and then it wasn’t.

      • Giving the location view etc maybe it was all clear by the child and there was car ,cars tend to boot it not all but many.

    • And I have been on the crossing on Newington road by the shops and no cars in site but have had to get out of the way cars going too fast to stop.

    • An addition to that should be

      Put your phone in your pocket whilst crossing a road

      The number of people more interested in a small screen than the road they are wanting to cross is unbelievable.

      • That’s true too but still the responsibility for care is with the motorist. Looking at your phone is careless but you don’t deserve to be run over for it.

        • A motorist could be driving perfectly safely well under the limit and have someone engrossed on their phone step straight out in front of them.
          Phone use by drivers is rife without doubt , i’m not excusing it and the change in the law and increased penalties have my approval ( though its pointless without enforcement).
          Given the obvious risks there’s a case for their being a penalty for anyone crossing a road glued to their phone as well.

          • We all need responsibility for our actions. If people paid attention when using the road, either as pedestrians or those driving vehicles ( especially now we have the scooters zipping all over the paths and roads) then we could hope that there would be less accidents or incident. Especially for those who were not at fault. Use your common sense and think about others sharing space with us.

      • I am constantly seeing drivers with their head down looking at the phone in their lap or not even hiding the fact they have a phone in their hand! You can’t possibly comment on phone use from pedestrians alone while the phone use from drivers in moving vehicles is still so rife. That’s unbelievable!

    • I walk a cross the rd at the traffic light was red for the car and green for me and a white mini cad jump the light and Mised me and my wife and dogs by inch so the were was the green cross code

  2. There are few details in the article and no suggestion of blame.
    Speaking more generally the new highway code has introduced a hierarchy of road users with pedestrians at the top as they are most vulnerable. All motorists would do well to remember that in a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist the driver is not going to be the one severely injured and therefore utmost care is needed at all times. No speeding, no distractions and be aware of all road users. This latest incident on thanet roads, so soon after the fatality on Dumpton Park Drive is very worrying and I hope the young man recovers fully.

  3. It’s about time! I am fed up with having to assume -because of thousands of previous experiences- that an oncoming driver is not going to notice me or care about my safety.

  4. The pedestrian has the right of way now when they are crossing the road at a junction so drivers must be fully aware and be ready to repeatedly stop when busy. This is one of the new Highway Code changes. Cyclists are to cycle down the centre of the lane.
    This is one dangerous road and the kids have to run the daily gauntlet to get across due to how busy it gets at School home time. They do not have the same perception as adults and so misjudge it.

  5. Whoever was a fault or not Maybe show some compassion for the poor boy hit? Rather than assuming he wasn’t looking or was on his phone. Who cares if he was , he is a child that’s been hit by a car. Really hope he recovers well bless him x

  6. “Accidents” rarely are. That’s why the term “collision” is used instead.
    If the responsibility for collisions can be attributed, it can lead to a better understanding of what happens on our roads, why collisions happen, and, eventually, changes to the Highway Code as noted by Phyllis.

    • Yep, not sure if it still is but an accident used to be defined as “an unforseen incident resulting in damage to property or bodily injury” as such there are very few true accidents.
      And as you rightly say the lessons learnt from incidents after thorough investigation are what determine future policy and change. Just as ,if an incident is found to be the result of inattention or lack of adherence to the rules fault can be attributed and th party at fault dealt with appropriately.

  7. An overall measure that would reduce the number of collisions and their severity would be 20mph limits. These are not without their problems but seem to work well enough. Again, enforcement is crucial.

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