Beer pong, cocktails and music promised at new Thanet venue Bounced

Bounced-Thanet@ How it could look (artist impression)

Beer pong tables, cocktails and a ‘killer DJ’ will be some of the fun on offer with the opening of a new night life venue in Thanet.

Bounced- Thanet will be opening in the Spring at the Under 1 Roof site in Pysons Road, Ramsgate, but is a separate, adult venue.

Owning company Westwood One says there will be Ping Pong tables, darts and targets, cocktail bar, food, live music nights, hen parties, stag dos and work parties.

A company spokesperson said the idea came after a visit to a similar site in Vancouver and said the venue would offer  “an all new night life experience.”

Bounced will be open for over 18s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm-11pm.

Keep up to date on the Bounced-Thanet facebook page by clicking here

Or the website by clicking here


  1. Oh dear oh dear…DFL written all over it. Cat cafe, table tennis bar, cereal cafe .. all 5 min fads for genwhatever and their 5 min attention span.

  2. What pathetic comments. Having lived in Ramsgate all my life. I welcome the positive effect the DFLs are having on the town. So get back into your bunkers. Let these people carry investing in the area and just stop forever whinging and moaning about everything

    • I must say this venue is of no appeal to me but I do agree with you why are so many comments negative and even qute nasty!

      Good luck to them and surely people investing in the town is a good thing!

  3. Ps, I’m no spring chicken, but I would like to think that I and other more mature people are not boring, just been there in our time and enjoyed ourselves

  4. I think any new activities are a good idea, as long as new places are adaptable to continue to move with trends, there’s no reason for them to be fads or 5 minute wonders (as others have suggested). Just because a students, young adults doesn’t appeal to yourself…doesn’t mean it won’t be welcomed by others. I think it’ll be a hit, I used to love going to CAPTAIN DIBGY at the weekends when it had a DJ and pool tables and a young vibe… it’ll be good to have something like this and it’s out the way as to not offend any residents. Good Luck to whoever is starting this up.

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