Superheroes take over the classroom at Chilton Primary School

Superheroes at Chilton

Step aside Batman, Wonderwoman and Spiderman – there’s a new band of superheroes to lead the way if young children at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate have anything to do with it.

The Reception year group girls and boys were challenged to create their own superhero outfit and wear it to school – and the range of imaginative ideas were amazing including Shark Boy, Kind Girl, Water Girl and Flame Fire Rush.

Pupils had carefully considered what their world-changing powers could be and how they could best use them to help others.

Hannah Cheshire, Deputy Head Teacher and Early Years lead, said: “Throughout their topic Superheroes, our children will be learning about the texts relating to Supertato (the supermarket superspud hero), Elliot Midnight Superhero (whose quest is to help scientist stop a giant meteor crashing into Earth) and Michael Recycle (who is ‘green and keen to save the planet’).

“They will be engaging in storytelling and creating their own superhero stories. They will be considering what their own super powers are and who their real-life superheroes are.

“When learning about Michael Recycle, we will also be looking at how we can all be superheroes to help save our world.

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“Our children love this learning topic and become so engaged in their superhero play. It really supports the development of both their storytelling and writing, and is an important step in exploring and using their literacy skills.”