Suggestions for £1.6m Ramsgate highways scheme to be explored following consultation

Ramsgate Photo Historic England

A consultation over a £1.6million project to improve highways and to connect Ramsgate’s town and harbour has received responses from 200 people.

The scheme proposes improved crossing facilities and creating a more inviting space to encourage visitors to move from the harbour area up into the town.

Measures would include:

Improved crossing facilities at Military Road and Leopold Street

Remove the existing pedestrian guarding at the Albion Hill/Harbour Parade/Madeira Walk junction.

Introduce a raised highway carriageway with material change to the surface of Harbour Parade.  This will provide a defining location to Harbour Street and creating a distinctive look and character for the Harbour area.

Install a signalled junction and crossing point at the Albion Hill/Harbour Parade/Madeira Walk junction.

Reduce bus layby capacity to the north side of Madeira Walk.

Create a 20mph zone to the seafront area and town centre.

Of those who responded 81% agreed or strongly agreed with the proposed scheme. Suggestions raised which Thanet council says will be explored were extending the 20 mph zone; looking at the position of the crossing point at Madeira Walk and further discussions about reducing the bus laybys,

Thanet council leader Cllr Ash Ashbee said: “We would like to thank everyone who took the time to provide their feedback. There were a number of key messages that came forward as part of the consultation, which the council will investigate further.

“Whilst other comments were outside the remit of this scheme, they are beneficial and of value to the various other activities that are taking place as part of Ramsgate Future over the coming years.”

The project is now expected to move to the detailed design stage.

Full details of the consultation results can be found in a report presented to the Joint Transport Board on Tuesday 14 December 2021.

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  1. a great idea from a safety point of view , the problem is what do you do when you reach the town , even the banks are boarded up ! there are no decent shops or facilities , when a shop like subway closes it says something about a dump like ramsgate.

  2. There are quite a lot of shops, cafes and pubs in Ramsgate town centre, actually.

    It is not a dump! A lot of it is both interesting and handsome. And before the usual suspects chime in depressingly, I do not wear rose-coloured glasses, nor whatever the opposite of rose-coloured is.

    • Quite a lot of the buildings. But you will have to go and decide for yourself which you like or don’t like.

  3. Ramsgate, like most town centres, has suffered. But its just not true to say ‘there are no decent shops’, that kind of sweeping criticism and negativity is not helpful. Yes, it could be better but there are some fantastic businesses. Try Saltworks in Charlotte Court, Magick on Broad Street, Prentis on King Street. There are some great cafés too – Hive, Zest. We should all be using our local high Street, pop down there once a month to pick up a few bits. Increase the footfall, spend some money in our local independent traders. It’ll all help much more than just knocking it.

  4. Marva’s attitude is right, let’s stop being totally negative about everything and give some positive suggestions. My penny’s worth is that we should take a look at what is hidden there especially below ground – I think you should be able to find the old entrances to the air raid shelters leading to the Ramsgate tunnel network, open them up and you have a brilliant tourist attraction.

    Come on all you knockers an naysayers get your suggestions here.

    I’m not a dfl, I lived in Ramsgate until I was 18 and did what anyone who wanted a career I left and only returned at 70.

  5. i think one of the above comments sums it up ” i pop down there once a month ” , and cafes are not realy an attraction , unless of course you are a builder , and re the tunnels , yes they are special – but a fair way from the town and an entireley different thing to shopping , and can anyone explain what can be done with the huge closed down shop in the high street ? and please dont say lots of little shops under one roof.

    • I am in desperate need of some brown shoes! Both shoe shops have closed, so can someone please open a shoe shop, before I have to go bare foot?

  6. You’ve misread my comment real world, there is no ‘I’ in the sentence. I suggested that you and others pop down once a month to support the high Street. And I suggested a few businesses I really like.
    I use the high Street much more frequently. Try it, maybe you’ll like it!

  7. To kick-start the town the council should reduce the business rates by half for the first 2 years of a new opening.
    Half a business rate is better than an empty shop. This will encourage new businesses to open up.

  8. I don’t know Ramsgate particularly well but the sentiments here are generally positive and point the way to how we’re going to turn things round.
    The administation at TDC and its councillors have allowed things to slide for far too long and I sense that the mood around Thanet is that we’ve had enough of neglect and excuses.
    Let’s support good schemes and continue to call out arogance, waste, indulgence and personal fiefdoms at TDC for a better future in Thanet.

    • And here’s a proven fact that it’s quite ok to walk through Ramsgate after dark.
      My partner and I often visit one or another of the many fine restaurants Ramsgate has to offer, followed by a drink or two in one of the excellent pubs, followed by a stroll home. No problems.

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