Four arrested on suspicion of drug supply after officers stop car in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Three teenagers and a 24-year-old man have been arrested and a large amount of cannabis seized as a result of officers stopping a car in Ramsgate.

Officers from the Thanet Local Policing Team were on patrol in the town at around 10.30pm yesterday (January 16)  when they spoke to the occupants of a car stopped in Conyngham Close.

Enquiries led to a search of the vehicle and a number of large bags filled with cannabis were recovered along with mobile phones.

A further search was carried out at a property in the town in which another five bags of cannabis – suspected to be a kilo each – were found, together with three backpacks and a holdall containing more of the Class B drug. Cash was also found and seized as part of the investigation.

Four people were arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs with intent to supply.

A 24-year-old man from Margate, a 19-year-old man of no fixed address, a 19-year-old woman from Ramsgate and a 16-year-old girl from Margate were taken into custody while enquiries continue.

The 24-year-old man was also arrested on suspicion of driving offences.


  1. Name and shame the scum!!

    A very high percentage of crimes lately is drug related!

    Hate the people who take them but detest the cretins that sell them!

  2. What a waste of police time. I’m not a fan of cannabis, but it’s health effects are way lower than alcohol. Why do they pursue with a police of making criminals wealthy from it and waste our tax money in a never ending chase over such a harmless drug

    • Because it is the law! The police don’t make the laws.
      The gear I smoked when I was young is not the same as today’s! My son who is 38 smoked it from 16 up until a few years ago! He has no confidence is paranoid and cannot work! Poor kid

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