A cyclist has died in a collision in Ramsgate

Dumpton Park Drive Photo Mike Stirrups

A woman in her 50s suffered fatal injuries in a collision in Ramsgate yesterday (January 14).

The incident, a silver Vauxhall Insignia Elite and a cyclist, took place at 4.35pm in Dumpton Park Drive at its junction with Montefiore Avenue.

The woman cyclist was confirmed deceased at the scene.

Officers from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or who was in the area and has dashcam footage that may assist their investigation.

Witnesses should call the SCIU appeal line on 01622 798 538 or email [email protected] quoting reference DS/DH/05/22.


  1. “The incident, involving *the driver of* a silver Vauxhall Insignia Elite and a cyclist”
    Assume the car was parked unattended.

      • Well Concerned Motorist, I use that junction quite a lot on my bike, and the problem is parked cars! I frequently have my vision blocked by parked cars at this point, and have to ride out into Dumpton Park Drive, to see past them! In fact I remember a few weeks ago talking to someone about just this problem, because what I thought was a speck in the distance was a speeding car, which nearly hit me! More Yellow lines needed!

    • Poor Lady my heart and Prayers go out to her and her family and wishes for her that she RIP a terrible tragedy. Linda

  2. That is a terrible junction, not assuming that it is or isn’t anything to do with the accident, but cars park much too close to the corner, making it extremely difficult to pull out.

    • Agree. The double yellow lines need extending to protect the junction properly. Lots of people speed down Dumpton Park Drive which makes it problematic for drivers / cyclists to pull out safely as they can’t see what is approaching. There have been many prangs, thankfully less serious, at this junction.

      No idea what happened in this case but thoughts are with the family.

  3. It is a very fast road with many difficult junctions. The accident appeared to have occurred at twilight too. I hope that some action will be taken across Thanet as the accident levels appear to be much higher than the national average. We really need a proper accident prevention drive targetting both speeding cars and the education of all road users.
    My thoughts are with the family of the deceased. My wife and I are both cyclists and realize the implications of the tragedy.

  4. I am saddened to see another beautiful life lost. I wish more safety was put in place for cyclist. Cyclist are the ones saving our planet. My prayers and thoughts are with her friends and family. May she rest in peace. I went by on the bus and saw the area. I prayed for her then. This is the second person I have seen loose their life while trying to save our planet. They are both saints in my eyes!!

  5. My thoughts and prayers are with the family of this poor lady I live on this road and they drive way to fast . I dread pulling out of the junction on to dumpton park drive as sometimes it’s difficult to see

  6. The new Highway Code can’t come soon enough.
    It will give greater responsibility to the greatest harmers. So if a truck and a car have a collision, the default position is that the blame lies with the truck driver; similarly with car and cyclist, and cyclist with pedestrian.
    I think it will take a long time for the idea to take hold. After all “might is right” has been the motoring mantra for more than half a century.
    In the meanwhile, when I cycle around, I shall carry on assuming that every vehicle driver is a homicidal maniac intent on harming me.

    • Andrew

      You are assuming the car was at fault, yet no details have been made available at the present time.

      This is not the time to make your poor comments, considering the sad situation, have some respect for the family

      • With respect, I’m not assuming anything.
        A change in the legislation just might lead to a change in behaviours which in turn might lead to a drop in injuries and death.

  7. A driver hit a cyclist on a road where many drivers have caused many accidents already. The cyclist is confirmed dead, the driver is assumed careless. No-one gives a f*ck about the make of the killing instrument.
    Try and drag your journalism standards into the new millennium.

    • The police included detail of the car presumably as part of their appeal for witnesses so it may well be relevant.

  8. All road users should require insurance, a test, safety test of any mechanical wheeled unit, enforced wearing of safety equipment (helmet etc), fixed lights (not flashing), adherence to road law. I cycle and drive but some of the decisions made by cyclists flabergast me. Drivers speed. There are road users who act as if they are still hibernating post covid. Wake up people, this is everyone’s responsibility.

  9. I have just come by the junction and saw the flowers. Thoughts and prayers are with the family. This is a dangerous junction with cars parked on both Montefiore Avenue and Dumpton Park Drive. Double yellow lines need extending on both roads.

  10. So sorry for this Lady and her family.

    I cycle with hi Viz clothing lights flashing, which is legal and in my opinion improves visibility, but unfortunately, this is not enough.

    Saturday was cycling along Northdown Rd, overtaken by a motorist, on zebra crossing,(illegal) who clipped me with his wing mirror.

    Fortunately, the vehicle was driven by a white-haired old git, who was oblivious not only to the law, but other road users, who at least had the good sense to drive a little slower than most.

    Myself I’m a grey-haired old git, I hope as a driver, I will have the sense stop driving when I forget that driving is a privilege not a right.

    Motorist our cyclist we are people.

    • Ditto that Margate Bloke! Now in my 80th year. and use my bike several times a week, but seriously thinking of giving it up after 25 years! One problem about being clipped by car wing mirrors is due to cars getting fatter, like most of the occupants! This is especially bad at traffic islands, when cars overtake despite the road being narrower! I was nearly clipped by a Bentley last week, that overtook me in a one lane road, Duurh!

    • I do not think flashing lights add any safety aspects. The problem with them include cyclists who ride along paths towards oncoming traffic (St Peter’s Road is a good example), this causes distraction for drivers. When I ride my bike, its a fixed light only. This always divides opinion but I feel that just one distracted motorist is dangerous enough. The roads are already over populated with inconsiderate users with pit adding in any further dangers.

  11. Sorry to hear THIS the lady in question deaf social worker help my son who deaf Marc cannell an she was due today 2012022 so sad to hear this .me my son Marc cannell like to send our regards to all family an friends Jacqueline thank you for your help Marc cannell will miss you godbless

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