Police helicopter assists in search over Ramsgate and Broadstairs following welfare concern report

Emergency services

A police helicopter assisted in the search for a person in Thanet last night (January 7) following a report of concerns for her welfare.

Kent Police officers were called to the Broadstairs end of the Northwood Road area at 6.45pm.

Officers carried out a search and, with the assistance of the police helicopter, the female was found and taken to hospital for treatment.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at just before 6.45pm on Friday 7 January to the Northwood Road area of Broadstairs following concerns for the welfare of a person.

“Officers attended and with the assistance of the police helicopter located the person nearby who was taken to a local hospital to receive treatment.”


    • I agree with you. Except the person’s sex was female. ‘Gender’ is a social construct. Mind you, these days, anyone can call themselves a woman, even if ‘they’ are xy. Go figure!

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