Enforcement notices served for repair works on Cliftonville property

Work is now taking place at the property

Enforcement notices have been served by Thanet council to the landlord of a Cliftonville property.

Repair works are required on the Athelstan Road building, which contains four flats and is within the selective licensing area.

Thanet District Council introduced selective licensing in parts of the electoral wards of Margate Central and Cliftonville West in 2011.  The mandatory scheme required all landlords and managing agents renting out homes in the area to license their properties with the council.

The selective licensing designation has now expired and no new selective licence applications are being accepted.

However, all existing selective licences will remain in force until they expire or are revoked by the council. This means all current licence holders must continue to comply with the conditions of their licence.

The disrepair was brought up when council officers went on a ‘walkabout’ with members of the Athelstan Road Tenants and Residents Association last month.

Concerns were raised about three bay windows smashed on ground floor and  a number smashed on other floor levels as well as other areas of long-term disrepair. Scaffolding has since gone up at the property.

A Thanet District Council spokesperson said:“The building is subject to a selective licence. The council has issued enforcement notices requiring the landlord to take action, and while some works have been completed, there are some which are outstanding.

“The Private Sector Housing Team is currently liaising with the property manager with a view to ensuring that the building and the flats within are maintained to a safe condition.”


  1. Well done on this premises. What about that disgusting derelict shop front with dangerous broken glass panel and mouldy St George’s flags up in the windows at the old Bridal shop, 82 Northdown Road. It’s been in that condition for years. It’s in the Northdown Road Conservation area which TDC know but do nothing about.

  2. Perhaps they can get some movement on the supposed “ongoing works” at Julian Court in Edgar Road. Pitiful that it needs the residents association to bring the building to the council who’ve had over 10 years to improve buildings in the area. Just goes to show that in reality it was just a revenue raising venture.

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