Photos: Crowds see in 2022 at Ramsgate firework display

Ramsgate fireworks Photo Frank Leppard

Crowds gathered along the seafront and the East Cliff to bring in 2022 while watching the firework display funded with £4,000 by Ramsgate Town Council.

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Marking the end of another tough year, the sky was lit up with an awesome display to welcome 2022.


  1. PS we enjoyed them and it was nice to see so many people out and about and from what I saw all keep a sensible distance between each other

  2. Good fireworks shame nowhere was open for families to get hot drinks or bag of chips catered for over 18s only.

    • I think there was somewhere, someone mentioned earlier (can’t remember name of it), they had hot chocolate and hot dogs apparently.

  3. Total waste of money £4000 to go up in smoke when the money could better used elsewhere.
    Like the money for the J. Review, and what has Ramsgate become Total housing estate NOT a place for TOURISM or TOURISTS NO PORT NO AIRPORT SUCH A DISGRACE Thanet council Disgrace Moaning not long ago about NO Money got put up Council tax Newd to stop wasting money

    • The airport has nothing to do with TDC. It is being decided by the government.
      The fireworks had nothing to do with TDC. Ramsgate Town Council paid for them.
      £4000 is about 10p a head; thousands came out and enjoyed them. If you send me your address, I’ll send you 10p.

  4. Where was the launch-site? We and the crowd at the top of Rose Hill/Sion Place had a very poor view, if any at all. The previous site (for many years) was almost at the end of the East Pier, why change it? Surely it was conveniently viewable from both cliffs, and of course the most crowded, the central seafront/harbour area?

    • The harbour people won’t allow it the pier anymore due to health and safety ! Too many boats and yachts were getting fire spark damaged

  5. I was there down by the arches and the fireworks where not that great compared to other years. Definitely not worth the money that was spent on them. The chip shop and other take away places on Harbour Street were open also with the chicken shop near the royal was open and they were still open after the fireworks. What use to be the green Tara was open, which is were they could have got hot chocolate from but the kids might not of been allowed in but a parent from the family could have gone in to get them apart from these places yes it was only pubs and clubs that were open as it would have been on an ordinary Friday night. Just a thought they could of taken a couple of flasks with them for their family to drink while waiting for the fireworks.

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