Joint effort to rescue pup Max caught in the tide at Ramsgate

Joint effort to rescue Max Photo Caron Ridout

A joint effort between Ramsgate RNLI, a paddleboarder and a passer-by has saved a 10 month old pup which was caught in the tide.

Pup Max rushed into the sea after his lead had snapped and ended up caught in the current near the Ramsgate harbour breakwater.

Resident Caron Ridout was one of those on the scene who helped out and reported the dog’s predicament to the Coastguard.

Photo Caron Ridout

She said: “(The) rescue was a joint effort. A huge shout out to the guy who inflated his board and went out on his paddleboard and the lifeboat crew, who picked up the paddle boarder and dog off the outer rock arm of Ramsgate Westcliff. I was asked to stay on the clifftop to help direct coastguard and gave a towel out my car to help warm Max up.”

Ramsgate RNLI launched at 11.59am to the report of the dog in the water.

Rescued Photo Caron Ridout

A spokesperson said: “On scene the ILB spotted the dog that had managed to climb onto the breakwater, but was unable to climb along to safety, along with a paddle boarder who spotted the dog before the ILB arrived on scene and a member of the public who was attempting to reach the dog along the breakwater.

“ILB rescued the dog, picked up the paddleboarder and the member of the public and returned all back to the beach.”


  1. The paddleboarder was my boyfriend Paul Quincey. Total hero today. We had been in for a sea swim and saw the dog jump in then get swept out. Gorgeous puppy so glad he was ok. Thankyou to the coastguard crew and their very impressive bait rescue!

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