Ramsgate GP practices mark one year of their covid vaccination clinics and share details for this month’s jab drive

RAMSGATE : On couch at front Melanie Oliver (Social Care Practitioner) (pale long sleeved top) t Hannah Ruby (nurse practitioner), yellow apron is Nurse Sian Stanley, dark blue scrub – Dr Fraser Newton. Julie Hill – practice manager (pale blue cardi) Trefor Jones - admin (short sleeved blue top), Callum Pennington- admin (lilac shirt) Dr Suzie Marsden (green scrubs hair up) and green jumper and long hair at the back is Willow (admin).

The five GP practices that form the Ramsgate Primary Care Network are marking one year today (December 17) since they began their covid vaccination clinics.

The team, made up of Summerhill Surgery,East Cliff Practice, Grange Practice, Dashwood Surgery and Newington Road Surgery, have given some 50,000 vaccinations while still delivering primary care services.

Among those to receive their jabs from the practices are patients who are housebound, those in care homes and people who are homeless.

The team have delivered on the immense challenge and the booster drive has resulted in the cancellation of staff Christmas parties so they can continue to give vaccinations.

Nurse Sian vaccinating a patient

Julie Hill, who is Practice Manager and non-clinical Partner at The Grange Practice, said: “When we were first approached to be part of Wave 1 of the COVID19 vaccination programme in December 2020, we knew that we had a challenge ahead but did not expect it to be of this magnitude.

“I recall both myself and Dr John Neden, GP Partner from East Cliff practice, spent Sunday 13th December 2020 waiting at the Montefiore Medical Centre for a delivery of computers and an engineer to get us set up to start running clinics.

“The computers arrived but the engineer didn’t and also our first batch of vaccinations got delayed and arrived two dates late – neither of us thought that a year later, our Ramsgate PCN would still be vaccinating and have given over 50,000 vaccines.

“Thankfully, the vaccines now arrive as expected and most of the time, the computers work.  Throughout the last 12 months, just like GP surgeries up and down the country, we have continued to deliver routine and on the day GP care in numbers never experienced before and continued to jab not just our patients, but patients from all over.

“The Ramsgate GPs and Practice Managers are incredibly proud of what our practice teams and volunteers have helped us achieve, and what we hope to achieve in the coming weeks.

“Many of the practices have cancelled their staff Christmas parties so that our staff can be working vaccinating. In some cases they are losing the money already paid for these parties, therefore, we request that anybody that has booked an appointment, attend that appointment as we have staff willing and waiting to vaccinate you.

“The challenge has been immense with staff cancelling holidays and working extra days to provide vaccination appointments, with GPs working 12 or 14 hour days but we are rewarded with seeing so many happy patients once they have received their jab and the reward in knowing that we have done our bit in this worldwide challenge.

“In my 30 years working for the NHS I have never seen anything like this and have never been more proud of working for the NHS.”

Clinical Director for Ramsgate Primary Care Network, Jenny Bostock

During the coming weeks, there are a number of appointments available within the Ramsgate practices for those that would prefer a personal service based within a GP surgery setting.

The Ramsgate teams are able to offer a Pfizer vaccination to anyone aged 18 or over as a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or booster dose depending on the individual patients’ clinical needs.

Some vaccinators are also able to jab patients aged 12 and over but this will be site and day dependent.

If you would like to have a vaccination in one of the Ramsgate practices, they are vaccinating on the following days and appointments can be booked:

Summerhill Surgery (Margate Road) ring after 10am to book an appointment – 01843 591758

COVID clinics running Friday 17th, Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd.

East Cliff Practice – Montefiore Medical Centre – MUST BE BOOKED ON NATIONAL BOOKING SERVICE – Please do not ring the surgery

COVID clinics running

Sunday 19th 8am to 4pm

Monday 27th 8am to 4pm,

Tuesday 28th 8am to 4pm.

Dates in January can be found on the National Booking Service

 Grange Practice – Montefiore Medical Centre – can be booked on the National booking service or by ringing 01843 572740 after 11am.

COVID clinics running

Friday 17th 9am to 5:15pm

Saturday 18th 9am to 4pm,

Sunday 19th 9am to 5pm,

Monday 20th 1:45pm -3pm,

Tuesday 21st 9am to 5:15pm,

Wednesday 22nd 9am to 6pm

Thursday 23rd 9am to 3:45pm

Tuesday 28th Dec 9am until 1pm (may extend into the afternoon)

Wednesday 29th 9am to 12 noon,

Thursday 30th 9am to 4pm.

Friday 31st 9am to 3pm.

2nd January 2022 9am to 1pm (may extend to the afternoon)

Other January clinics will be on the National Booking Service.

Dashwood Surgery – please refer to their website or contact the surgery after 10am on 01843 266322 for information over what day and times their clinics run.

Newington Road Surgery – please contact the Grange on 01843 572761 or use the National Booking Service.

Julie added: “We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the Ramsgate practices’ patients for their support during the last 12 months and we wish you all a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2022.”


  1. great news = but you try to get through on the phone, or even win an appointment , they never show that side of the news do they ?

  2. What is good news is that papers have now been filed at the International Criminal Court in The Hague regarding Nuremberg Code violations in the UK relating to the corona virus. Extensive details drawn up by lawyers to satisfy the Prosecutor’s office here: https://www.docdroid.com/mruxF4r/international-criminal-court-dec-2021-docx Also an interesting letter from the lawyers of Dr Sam White to the chief executive office of the NHS relating to criminal conduct by way of gross negligence. Again extensive details here: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Ab824a634-65ab-42ee-ab39-b8584ef4cdbe&fbclid=IwAR09aijrpMpX-cGdMfnCW5mCrA1ZaIlcxClVvT08cjwCYg6uaSxksM2dRVA#pageNum=1
    Certainly, nothing to clap about.

    • I have just posted this on an earlier article but it’s more like;y to be read here- Democrat , it is the anti-vaxxers who seem to be behaving childishly, not those who are behaving responsibly by wearing face-coverings, keeping at a safe distance as much as possible, and being vaccinated.

    • I notice that one of the signatories to the court action is a John O’Loony (funeral director)
      Says it all, really.

  3. I would certainly disagree with the “while still delivering primary care services.” – especially when referring to Dashwood House Surgery.

    Virtually impossible to get through to on the phone and then to actually get an appointment means carefully navigating your way through Kafka-esque bureaucracy and barriers.

    No wonder so many are going straight to A&E.

    • A quick breeze through & seeing conspiracy theories around EU globalist, Lizard, NWO overlords etc suggests it won’t get very far.

  4. Having had a spare moment, I scanned through the 44 pages of the complaint lodged with the International Criminal Court, referred to by Mr Democrat.

    It’s terribly badly written. Had it been submitted as a GCSE English project, it would have been given a ‘Fail’.
    It contains endless ramblings of pseudoscience and quackery.
    It talks about “graphene oxide” in one sentence, and “graphine hydroxide” in the next. (Neither has anything to do with Coronavirus nor vaccines).
    It argues at length that Corona virus is not a serious disease, that very few die from it; it then goes on to demand to know why various medications currently not used by medical science aren’t being used – to combat a disease which (it’s claimed) hardly exists.
    The Complaint makes much of the death of a Dr Andreas Noack, implying that his death was sinister and somehow connected with the exposé that vaccines contain graphene of one sort or another.
    He actually died of a heart attack.
    And vaccines don’t contain any sort of graphene, neither oxide nor hydroxide.
    Please, Mr Democrat, stop posting this rubbish.

  5. And how many patients have they seen in the last year? It is worth remembering that for evey jab a GP sticks in an arm they are now paid between £15-£30, having been £12.58 for the first year.

    Is it any wonder they don’t want to see patients face to face for anything other than Covid(Mild Flu/Common Cold/Winter Bugs symptoms for most)jabs-seeing as they get paid their regular wage whether they see nobody or one million people in a year & can then rake in thousands a week with jabs? Just how many are not having cancers diagnosed, heart issues, blood pressure issues etc, just like how many are dying waiting for postponed operations & procedures, how many being left to live in extreme pain while the doctors hook them on addictive & dangerous pain pills & how many are taking their own lives?

    • My husband went to the doctor with pain in his lower gut, she gave him a drug. Each time he has phoned to say he’s still in pain she gives him another drug, which also does nothing. Over the last two years he has been taken to hospital three times, the pain now very severe. The hospital does not want to know, they give him Xray and a stronger drug and send him home within hours; refer back to the doctor, who carries on giving him the stronger drug. Can’t get a consultants appointment. Hasn’t actually seen the doctor(face to face)in four years. When he asked if he could go to a pain clinic, she told him “No, as your pain has not been diagnosed” He’s given up, now down to 7st at 6ft 2″,

      • I’m sorry to hear that your husband continues to suffer.
        But he’s had consultations with his GP and several visits to the hospital to try to address his problem. Maybe his underlying condition is chronic. Maybe his doctor doesn’t have an understanding of the underlying condition yet, and simply throwing stronger and stronger analgesics at him will simply mask his condition rather than cure it.
        Have you raised the issue with your MP?
        At the end of the day, you can pay for private treatment if you’re not satisfied with the NHS’s response.
        I do hope you and your husband are fully vaccinated and boosted (courtesy of the NHS)

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