Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils Christmas gift for children’s charity

Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils

The true spirit of Christmas has been demonstrated in heart-warming fashion by children at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

Traditionally classes buys presents for other classes as part of the whole-school secret santa festive treat. This year it was decided to further explore the children’s learning about and awareness of being charitable by giving them the chance to continue with secret Santa or give to others.

Deputy Head of School Hanna Beech was behind the school’s Big Vote initiative. She explained: “Each Christmas our inter-class secret Santa generates a range of gifts including games and toys that the children can enjoy during rainy playtimes or their ‘golden time’.

“This year our children have been investigating how we care for our world and they explored how over- consumption is a key issue impacting the environment. We’ve also discussed the importance of being charitable.

“We decided to give our pupils the chance to decide if they’d prefer to continue buying classes gifts or whether the money might be better spent elsewhere.

“Our pupils were presented with a video created by the junior leadership team representatives that posed the big question – is it better to give or receive?

“The classes discussed the issue and then all pupils cast a vote at the school’s ballot boxes to say if they’d prefer to spend on the RAPS pupils or the charity.

“The votes were counted and more than 96% opted for providing funding to the charity Action for Children. We were really proud of the pupils for choosing to give instead of receiving. We are donating £220.”

Head of School Nick Budge said: “This is a brilliant initiative from Mrs Beech who came up with the Big Vote idea. It is heart-warming that our children are so generous and think of the needs of others more than themselves.

“As well as reinforcing their learning about the effectiveness of their own actions through democracy, it yet again demonstrates our sense of community at RAPS and it is the perfect way to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.”

RAPS Festive Fun

Meanwhile the school is celebrating the festive season in style with a range of events including Santa’s grotto run by the Parent Council, assisted by elves; traditional nativity plays; year group performances and entertainment including RAPS own version of The Night Before Christmas, plus songs and dances; a full Christmas dinner celebration for all; class parties; and a Christmas market.

And in support of RAPS ongoing eco-awareness campaign the school has potted its festive eco-tree which is decorated by children – it will be tended year-round and used every Christmas to highlight environmental sustainability.