Council appeal to track down those responsible for fly-tipping on Broadstairs farmland

Dumped in Broadstairs Photo TDC

Thanet council enforcement officers are appealing for information to help track down the culprits responsible for fly-tipping on farmland in Reading Street Road in Broadstairs.

The dumped goods consisted of construction waste from a refurbished bathroom and were left on the farmland on December 1.

Cllr Bob Bayford, Cabinet Member for Operational Services, said: “Flytipping is a senseless and infuriating act which comes at a cost to the council tax payers of Thanet. Investigating and clearing fly-tips costs us hundreds of thousands of pounds each year and diverts resources away from keeping the rest of the environment in Thanet clean. Not to mention the terrible damage this causes to the natural environment and wildlife, disruption to private landowners and nearby residents.

“Our Streetscene enforcement officers are working every day to tackle this illegal activity and acted promptly to investigate the fly-tip at Reading Street once it was reported. The waste has now been removed, but we would urge anyone who might have seen the waste being dumped, or if they have any other information on who might be responsible to contact us so we can pursue a criminal investigation.

“It is really important to remind members of the public that they must use registered waste carriers to dispose of large items of household waste so their waste is not fly-tipped. If illegally fly-tipped waste can be traced back to them, then they may be the one receiving a fine.

“There is CCTV in known hotspots across the district which supports the work our team does on a daily basis to investigate these crimes. The council also regularly uses signs, leaflets and social media to remind residents and local businesses that fly-tipping is illegal and can lead to a £400 fixed penalty notice or a criminal prosecution.

“Residents can report fly-tipping using our online form.”

Make reports at [email protected]


  1. £4 a bag charge at kcc tip does not help eradicate fly tipping which has massive increase since introduction

    • You don’t have to pay to get rid of a bath.Most of this rubbish would be free to get rid of,but the vermin scum are too lazy to take it there.Cockroaches!

      • I’m with you Eric. I have passed this pile of rubbish. The farmer has my sympathy. The people that do this sort of thing are scum and deserve to be punished 👍🏻

        • For goodness’ sake! Will you stop calling people “scum” and “cockroaches”? They are fellow human beings whatever they do. Find a different vocabulary to use.

  2. Why is TDC removing Fly-tipped waste dumped on private land wasting resources? They don’t remove graffiti on private land, or Fly-posting for that matter and they are both just as bad.

    • Material was tipped across a public footpath, which TDC clears of tipping, and not KCC. The main problem with tipping here is that access from the road is ungated, to enable the farming machinery to cross the fields each side of Reading Street Road. Despite the comments from TDC some of it was still there on Christmas Day.

  3. If the culprits are caught they should be made to clear up all the rubbish in addition to any fine. And have their vehicle confiscated – hit them where it will really hurt!

  4. I bet someone recognises their “old bath” , if you do , come forward and tell the police who took it away to dispose of it !

    • and then get fined themselves for allowing a non registered waste carrier to get rid of their stuff ? Not likely.

  5. I discovered some fly tipped rubbish in central Margate, in the allyway between Eaton Road and Grosvenor Place just over a week ago, I reported it to TDC Street Scene Enforcement on 6th December, I am pleased to say that a week and a day later it was cleared. Well done TDC Street Scene Enforcement keeping Margate looking tidy. If you see fly tipped rubbish report it, if the council know they can do something about it. Refreshing to have something positive to report about TDC. Well Done SSE @ TDC !

  6. First – make KCC abandon their £4 rubble charge.

    Second – make the staff at Margate tip help users instead of standing around in groups just chatting.

    Third – kick out the building trade who bring trailer loads on a daily basis,the tip staff certainly know them.

  7. There are no guarantees, even when you use a licensed carrier, a small amount of these even fly tip.

    It’s an “absolute waste”

  8. To be honest, the £4 charge, restrictions on what waste TDC will collect from your home, AND the booking system is partly responsible for the increase in fly tipping. If you create barriers like this, some people simply won’t play ball and fly tip.

    Whilst I don’t condone tipping, I can see how TDC are asking for trouble; essentially collecting the same waste anyway, but from different places.

    We should have gone back to allowing free waste disposal pre pandemic but oh no, the myopic waste management team at TDC thinks this waste will magically disappear like pixie dust.

    And to the ludicrous idea that DNA will work, I am choking on my Single Malt!!

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