Two injured in crash in Margate

South East Coast Ambulance Service (image Secamb)

Two people were taken to hospital following a crash in Margate yesterday (December 14).

Kent Police was called to a report of a two-vehicle collision in Ramsgate Road, at the Victoria lights, shortly after 5.10pm.

Officers attended, along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and Kent Fire and Rescue, and assisted with traffic management while the incident was responded to.

A spokesperson for South East Coast Ambulance service said: “We were called shortly after 5pm yesterday to reports of a collision on Ramsgate Road, Margate. Two ambulance crews attended the scene and two patients were assessed and treated before being taken to QEQM Hospital.”


  1. That’s what happens when people risk it to get across the lights as they are changing, it’s a common hot spot for chancers at this junction, if you check there’s property an accident there every week, I’m amazed no one has been killed,

  2. its an appaling juction and people are in a rush to beat the lights,the lights do not allow for people turning right so they have to wait until lights go red to move right which creates people rushing to get across

    • Yes this is also happening at the lights where Park Road meets Boundary Road and Chatham Street. You either get left in the middle of the road or take your life in your hands and turn right. Why isn’t there a filter giving those coming from Park Road into Chatham Street some time 6to safely turn right.

  3. It’s all about money and the clever people that design the road layouts, you can tell the people who design things like this don’t live in the area,so have no idea what would work better,in Garlinge the clever design team at KCC put in two mini roundabouts and said this would calm the speed of the traffic it did the opposite, it’s even faster now, but if only one proper roundabout was put there then the traffic would have to go round it instead of driving 🚗 straight over mini roundabouts, this tells me the designer doesn’t live or knows anything about the area, and now there’s accidents here on a weekly basis, just one other thing there’s a school yards from the mini roundabouts, school had to employ 2 more crossing people due to this design because it’s dangerous now thanks to KCC ,ask local people before diving in wasting tax payers money for something which has caused a bigger problem. We’ll done again KCC.

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