Man’s body found in St Laurence Church yard

Image Kent Police

Kent Police were called to St Lawrence on Sunday (December 12) after a dog walker discovered the body of a young man.

Kent Police was called at 8.47am to St Laurence Church yard in Ramsgate.

Officers and the South East Coast Ambulance Service attended and a man was declared deceased at the scene.

The man’s death is not being treated as suspicious and a report will be prepared for the coroner.

The woman who found the young man has since revisited the site to lay flowers.

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  1. Do we know anymore about this yet, if he was a rough sleeper or not?

    TDC are supposed to check locations nightly and take anyone homeless in out of the cold weather at this time of year. This is very sad if it’s the case that it is not happening.
    RIP whoever you are.

    • They do check. Every night. Thanet is a big place however and I’m not sure if you’re aware, but they aren’t omnipresent…

    • Tragic that this sort of thing happens, especially at Christmas, when some people can feel particularly lonely and depressed.
      But why immediately bkame TDC? You have absolutely no idea of the circumstances. He might well have been located and offered a place, but declined. Shelters can’t force people to use their facilities, only offer them.
      Very sad.

  2. We do not know the circumstances it maybe a rough sleeper but there are other reasons. RIP in peace. I feel sorry for the dog walker who found the body , not something one expects to find while walking a dog.

  3. A very kind lady found the deceased to revisit and lay flowers, some small comfort to his family someone cared at a time which he may or may have not thought anyone did?
    Thank you lovely lady and I’m sorry you will have this memory of sadness

    • I totally agree in what you say, it must have been a horrific experience for the lady something she may never forget.

  4. Agree R.I.P. whoever and however this young lad died. To the kind lady who found him and later laid flowers at the scene please talk to friends or get professional help to guide you through this experience to enable you to deal with it knowing that you could have done no more to assist him and perhaps he was there having known the area in happier times. God bless you kind lady.

  5. Yes professional help I think is a must , even the kind lady may be unaware at this time .I do have experience on finding a dead body and it hit me years later. Like you say she could have done no more , bless her.

  6. I am leaving this message on behalf of my brother, who is devastated by this death. ‘A great friend who will be missed’

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