Light It Up topic sparks science interest for Upton pupils

Science fun at Upton

Electrifying learning has sparked a deep interest in science for children at Upton Juniors in Broadstairs.

The Light It Up topic for Year 4 children has generated a range of practical applications and amazing demonstrations.

They have been taught how to create a simple circuit with a light bulb and then found out how to add a switch.

The Fizz Pop Science educational team visited the year group and encouraged pupils to take part in their high-energy interactive workshops, where a circuit was created utilising every class member, with additional fun learning about conductors and insulators.

One of the favourite demonstrations was the ever-popular electrifying Van der Graph generator, while children also used balloons to demonstrate static electricity and the stickability of the surface to other objects including their own bodies and heads.

As well as finding out about and understanding basic electrical safety awareness, the pupils are enjoying their Science learning crossing into other subject areas.

For example, in Design Technology they planned, made and evaluated a diorama scene featuring superhero Iron Man. They then used their knowledge of circuits to light their creative work.

Head of Year 4 Billie Danson said: “This is a fascinating topic with so much to explore and so many cross-curricular strands, whether it is English, History or Art.

“This type of broader perspective learning is an important aspect of life at Upton as it encourages our children to explore and understand the variety of links that there are in their studies.”