Travel advice issued due to power cut at Margate railway station

Power outage at Margate railway station Photo Rob Yates

Train passengers trying to get to Margate from Ramsgate, Dumpton Park or Broadstairs are being advised to travel to Westgate and then back to Margate due to a power cut at the station.

Southeastern say trains travelling towards Faversham are unable to stop at the station but those travelling towards Ramsgate are unaffected.

The power fault is affecting platforms 2, 3 and 4.

Response staff are on their way to the station to begin to fix the issue.

Southeastern say: “We can only use platform 1 at Margate currently which means any trains running towards Faversham cannot call at Margate.

“Trains from Faversham towards Ramsgate can call as normal at Margate but may be delayed through the station. Other services may be cancelled or revised.”

Photo Roy Foord

Replacement buses have been ordered to shuttle between Margate and Ramsgate and should arrive onsite by 2:45pm.

Additional trains coming from Faversham will call at Westgate-on-Sea so that passengers at Ramsgate can circulate via there. Passengers can also use buses once available.



Disruption is expected to continue until 3.30pm.



A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 10.50am to reports of a small electrical fire at Margate railway station in Station Approach, Margate.

“Two fire engines attended and crews extinguished the fire, which is believed was caused accidentally. No casualties were reported. Duty of care was left with Network Rail.”

KFRS finished at the scene at 2.07pm.


  1. I unable to work that lot out, does it mean i have to go to Westgate from Ramsgate and come back that way or wait for a bus. I get a cab or bus.

  2. Hang on. If you are travelling from Ramsgate, Dumpton Park or Broadstairs to Margate, you cannot alight at Margate, even though the train will pass through the station to get to Westgate on the remaining platform. But if you are coming from Westgate the train will stop. Hmmm seems illogical to me, but we are talking about South Eastern.
    Instead of ‘circulating’ at Westgate, catch the loop assuming that is functioning.

  3. Platform 2,3,4, are out of action in direction to Faversham so the trains cant stop. Only platform 1 was available, in Direction of Ramsgate. Not sure which way to read the updates though, top to bottom or bottom to top !

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