Two men suffer head injuries in Ramsgate after being confronted by mask-wearing trio in separate attacks

Image Kent Police

Police officers are appealing for information after two reports of people suffering head injuries in Ramsgate after being attacked by three men wearing masks.

At around 9pm yesterday (November 25) a man in his 30s is reported to have been approached in Whitehall Road, at the junction with Nixon Avenue, by the trio. They demanded the victim’s belongings and he then suffered head injuries which required hospital treatment.

A second incident was reported to have taken place at 9.55pm when a man in his 40s was approached by three men in Princes Road at the junction with Central Road. They matched the same description of the suspects in the previous incident and also demanded his belongings.

This victim also suffered head injuries which required hospital treatment.

Before both incidents the three suspects were seen getting out of a dark hatchback style car with a loud exhaust.

The victims are known to each other, and officers believe both incidents are linked.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/244712/21.

Alternatively contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or by using the anonymous online form.


  1. Two victims known to each other attacked separately.

    Clearly pissed someone off and got a kicking for it!

  2. The victims are known to each other, and officers believe both incidents are linked. Wonder what that could be about then?

  3. Real hero’s 3 onto one. What goes around comes around. There are many idiots driving around in cars with loud exhaust in Thanet it’s about time the police clamped down on them.

  4. drugs related no doubt. Wonder if it’s the same 3 men that broke into a house in ST Patrick’s road and stole a bag and a quantity of money ?

    • Hopefully your right Bill. The violence in Thanet seems to be escalating. Hopefully the two victims recover quickly and get to see the violent scum that attacked them get some serious prison time if/when they are arrested.

      Thanet like most of Kent is suffering from drugs gangs and wannabe gangsters roaming the streets with little police intervention.The courts need to Start issuing the maximum penalties available to them and stop the softly softly sentencing as warnings and second chances issued by our justice system clearly aren’t a deterrent.

  5. Concerned. Yes I agree with what you say, it’s not just THANET it seems to be everywhere that poor couple in Devon killed over a parking dispute and the 12 girl killed at the switch on the Christmas lights in Liverpool. We have relatives who work in the police in Kent and London what they deal with is incredible the public don’t know half with what goes on. They (public) only get to know a fraction of what is happening.

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